By kwadkenstine on Apr 11, 2019

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Make of this what you like.
XZING 2306 2450kv.
DONGXINGWEI 2306 2700kv.
Both motors run up to 1700 in betaflight motors tab . D SHOT 600 .
XZING drew 18.1 amps at time of photo.
DONG drew 19.4 amps at time of photo.
Props dal cyclone 5046.
The xzing motors are smooth smooth smoooooth.
The others sound like cement mixers.
DONG $43.00 australian dollers for 4 free delivery.
XZING $24.00 australian dollars EACH.
KV is a meaningless useless number.
Motors should be marked output in wats per gram motor weight/voltage.
Or something like.
For me i love the xzing but i live in ironore country where it doesnt rain.
Even landing gently fills the motors with iron rust and heamotite.
Yes it blew me away when i saw how close they were.



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Nabla   3 days ago  

For me the difference is in the durability of the xing motors. Cheaper motors all too often have shit bearings or don't hold up in crashes, so I end up having to buy 2 or 3 extra more to get 4 that will work for more than 20 packs. I have found that I end up spending more with cheaper motors in the long run.

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kwadkenstine   3 days ago 

ADD 5% to manufacturing cost and 5% for material cost . boes not justify price hike.
I have and fly xzing motors znd the 2 pice bell is seperaitingon on some.

kwadkenstine   3 days ago 

im not going after anyone just pointing out that a cotton shirt costs far less than a silk shirt manufacturing costs same .
Yes silk is more costly but not enough raw material is used to really impact on final cost
If you can grasp that.

kwadkenstine   3 days ago 

sorry sarcasm not needed

Jodie Froster   8 days ago  


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IcarusIX   5 days ago 

true to an extent but I feel (and a lot of us will know first hand) that different levels of quality and lifespan exist and are very real. not to say someone or a small group won't have their cheap motors last years, they definitely do but on average, not so much. again, some bits are, agreed, way overhyped

kwadkenstine   5 days ago 

I am in no way am having a go at anyone . I appoligise if it seemed that way. But the naming convention motor promotors use can be fiddled. No doubt quallity costs. But really the only diference between the motors is the xzing has a o ring and a hex bolt to retain the bell and give the bearings some pree load and possibly better bearings. but i find the price difference hard to swollow.

IcarusIX   4 days ago 

lol no problem, its all good :) I'm a believer in 'if it works, just fly' so sticktime>gear

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