G7 Kevlar HV

By dubhouze on Apr 13, 2019

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Twistedsocal   Apr 19, 2019  

did you buy kevlar plate or actually do a hand layup and then cut it? I have a whole ton of extra kevlar left over from some projects i was doing last year and although extremely resistant to cutting and breaking i found that is wasnt nearly stiff enough by itself but was awesome as part of a carbon fiber composite.

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Twistedsocal   Apr 21, 2019 

right on, kevlar unlike carbon is nearly transparent to rf, they can make raydomes out of it so i imagine it would be awesome for part of a quad if your running the imortal t TBS antenna but stiffness would be a pain, also, kevlar isnt conductive which goes gand and hand with the rf transparency. The stuff i have is plain weave 1x1 not a twill type pattern but would be perfect as the layer closest to the electronics to prevent a short in a nasty crash. Just very UV sensetive. I want to get my hands on some spectra fabric but haven't found a good source.

MauiToast   Apr 21, 2019 

I have spectra fabric that I'm planning on making some sheets with. Its also called innegra if you're searching for it. I've got some carbon/innegra weaves that look awesome and can't wait to use. Also carbon/zylon...

Twistedsocal   Apr 22, 2019 

no kidding? they make a carvlar which is sick. have you seen the stuff from composit envision? they came out with a new metallic line. not had a chance to play with it but it looks sick but at 2x the price of the carbon kevlar blend im not sure that anything less than an autoclave setup you could even dream about being able to fab anything that could be sold for a high enough price to see a return. those links you sent me the same spot you got the spectra blend? interested in maybe a fabric swap(that sounds like something a femak would say lol)

0blivious   Apr 14, 2019  

How was the Kevlar cut? That is an extremely difficult material to process

MauiToast   Apr 16, 2019 

CNC router with a composite 1/8 bit

Currently   Apr 13, 2019  

How's the durability? I'm really curious

dubhouze   Apr 14, 2019 

I have only done the maiden test flight so I can't say anything about durability yet.

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