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By outcastfpv on Apr 13, 2019

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I have had this frame kit for quite some time and never planned on doing anything with it as it was purchased as a spare part at the time when i got a Diatone GT-M2 PNP, it flew like crap and was so unstable that i just returned it, but was left with the spare frame kit. I have since noticed all i needed for a complete build was a flight stack and noticed a cheap source for Mamba F4M & F25 Stack so i purchased it. I had also received a Runcam Robin as i was interested in testing one.

I assembled it really quickly and the only issue i had was the cage/frame screws, the supplied screws were too long to attach the cage to the frame so i had to use some of the "white" stack washers which you can see clearly in the images. I usually have receivers pre flashed to the OSD rssi firmware as i stock up on them just in case and like to know as soon as i get them if they are working or doa. I had one still new and sealed so i just added photos of how i flash the XM+. I find it is much quicker to just attach
the test clamp to the XM+ and then plug the ends into the back of my Taranis QX7 to flash it instead of soldering on those 3 pin headers and then having to de solder them to attach to a quad. It can also be bound at the same time with these clamps by just holding down the bind button and turning on External RF to PPM, then release the bind button and go up to bind [Bnd], then power off and on the Taranis and it will be bound. This method is a lot less hassle than doing it while attached to a quad.
I added a link to where i purchased the test clamps under Misc parts if anyone is interested in them.

I just test flew it with the stock Betaflight version that was on the flight controller and it flew really well with the tune i had on the PNP version i purchased previously and returned, I am going to test 4.0.0 once i get a chance

I had planned to test it with 3 different sets of props: Gemfan 2035, Dalprop Q2035 and the Emax Avan Micro's. I tried the Gemfans first but when i tried the Avan Micro's i just immediately prefered them. I didnt bother trying the dalprops yet. I have also tested 4 batteries: Tattu 3S 450, GNB 3S 550, Tattu 3S 650 and a Tattu 4S 450. Currently my prefered battery is the Tattu 3S 450. The 4S 450 does have more power and a lower idle throttle position but i didnt get a tune i was happy with at the time as i only had the one charged for testing.

Betaflight Settings 3.5.1
8kHz Gyro
4kHz PID loop
4.5 Motor Idle Throttle value
Motor Direction is Reversed


Part List


Chasis Diatone GT M2 Titanium 2018 X Normal

Flight Controller

Mamba F4M & F25 “Power Tower” Stack (20×20) (F4 FC, 20A ESC)


4 x Original Sunnysky R1106 5500KV 6500KV 8000KV Brushless Motor Blue For 2030 3020 Propeller RC Multicopter Models Frame Part
See Site

FPV Camera

RunCam Robin (2 builds)

FPV Transmitter

RunCam TX200U (2 builds)


FrSky XM+ Micro SBUS Receiver

Misc Parts

Test Clamp Wire Hook Test Clip for Logic Analyzer Electronic Components Supplies
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