ImpulseRC Reverb - after frame swap KISS hardware and Split2

By ZulshiBLN on Apr 14, 2019

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Just finished my first ImpulseRC Reverb.

All components are from my GepRC LX-5, except the PDB. I bought the WolfOSD PDB for this build to get rid of the MinimOSD board and get more comfort handling OSD changes and updates.

Reason to swap the frame was just a question of space for the camera. With the Split 2 board in the GepRC LX5, the camera angle was limited to a max of ~15°. It is still a tight build but now I can use the full camera angle the frame provides, if necessary. :)

May a hint for thoose who wanna use the build in microphone, to reduce wind noise. I used slices of a 6 mm Gizeh cigaret filter cause the structure is pretty compact and looks better reducing the noise then normal foam. For the Split 2 mic I used ~1mm and for the build-in PDB microphone I pressed a piece between the mic and the middle standoff, secured with a piece of double sided tape. How good this will work I'll see when I've the first footage. From my dry testing on the bench through the VTX it sounds pretty decent.

The Matek VTX does not fit into the back without a bit of modification. I had to cut out the edges where you normally mount them on your stack. This went all fine, thanks to the file which was part of the Reverb package. With the edges cutted out it fits perfect, secured with some M3 foam tape.

I really love the look of this Qwad. What you guys think?



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ZulshiBLN   Apr 22, 2019  

So I did the maiden and it flys just great:

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