Park Racer update (now fully 3D printed)

By Dave_C on Apr 14, 2019

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After being absolutely stoked about my carbon fiber toothpick I thought this could be something that works really well as a 3D printable frame. The star shaped design I used on my 3" and 5" printable frame didn't really work out for a toothpick so I finally went for a box style frame design. The 65mm props you can get today usually aren't well balanced to the frame needs to be stiff enough to handle the vibrations. A box style frame is perfect in this regard!

Check out my Thingiverse page to get all the files and all my other designs

The frame comes in at around 10 to 10.5g depending on the version. Compared to my carbon frame from FPV360 that is around 7.5g this is absolutely fine. I threw all the components of my previous build on the print and flew a couple of packs today and could literally not notice any difference in flight characteristics. My build with a 16x16 stack is still work in progress. It's 100% made of parts I had laying around but I haven't found a great camera mount yet so will probably come up with a new one.



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bizioFPV   3 days ago  

it looks really neat, nice job?
may I ask what are the props in your picture? they're not the kingkong 65 mm that you listed

Dave_C   3 days ago 

ROTORX RX2535. They are nice but the Kingkong are better imo.

idiotsniff   4 days ago  

Hi there, very nice build. wondering how it flys and how durable that frame is? what type of filament do you use? thanks fo your time.

Dave_C   4 days ago 

Flies exactly the same as with the carbon frame. It‘s just PLA for this first testflight. Survived a few crashes without issues.

fovea   4 days ago 

the arm-design looks very nice for durability. thank you for posting, i will bother a friend for printing one for me..

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