By TaterrsFPV on Apr 14, 2019

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Hey guys & gals its been awhile, but thought I'd share another build. Nothing major just another Iflight 7" build.



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gilesclement   May 29, 2019  

How have these motors held up for you? I bought a set about two weeks ago and they pretty much all have nasty vibrations now. I had one wreck which put a tiny bump in one bell but nothing which I would expect to affect them all so severely.

TaterrsFPV   May 29, 2019 

Honestly I havent flown it except its maiden flight. I wanted to change some TPU stuff and never got around to working on it. Always a new project!!

UptiltFPV   May 01, 2019  

Hey Man, awesome looking build! I just finished my first 7" "ultralight" build with Avenger 2507 1500kv motors on 4s. My thinking was I would have an endurance cruiser on 4s, and a big ol rocket on 6s if I decided to run it on bigger batteries. I was surprised by how much power I had even with 1500kv on 4s and as a benchmark I get around 9 minutes of cruising on a 1500mah 4s battery... I noticed you went with 1250kv, how much flight time do you get wiht the 3300mah 4s pack?...... Also I am looking for anyone that has used the gemfan 7042 biblades successfully. I have several sets of them but even with big stator motors I cant get them to stop vibrating on mid-high throttle.. they cruise fine but hit throttle and the craft shakes like crazy. With triblades I get very smooth flights but others have told me the biblades worked for them so im just looking for people with similar setups that might have run them... any info appreciated, congrats on your awesome long range build man!

TaterrsFPV   May 01, 2019 

I only have just crusied around the field I fly. I never paid much attention to what time was. I can thou this weekend take it out hoping weather turns and get some data for ya. Yeah I have only used Biblades on my 6" build and they worked pretty well. Gratz on your build and thanks for the props on mine.

jazzyboy   May 04, 2019 

Great job on this build. I'm also interested with the flight time with this big 3300 mah battery. I prepare an XL7 long range but i think my motor are too small : 2306 1650kV

UptiltFPV   May 08, 2019 

you have the right KV but perhaps too small of a stator... my first motors on my 7" were 2306 and i didnt have great luck with them.. there are a few things you can do to get useable footage though. Avoid biblade props like the plague.. they will only bring you vibrations. stick to low pitch tri-blades. Also if you are planning on running 5s or 6s i would definetely limit your throttle to gain more resolution in the bottom end... in the end though you will realise that 7" props really need a bigger stator... the brother hobby Avenger v2 2507 in 1500kv gives me plenty of thrust on 4s and becomes a rocket on 6s, allowing me to use 6" props as well on the higher voltages.. last thing; if you want jello free footage on those motors you are going to need an ND filter.. theres no way around it..

Clarkr   Apr 15, 2019  

Are those custom prints or did you get them somewhere?

TaterrsFPV   Apr 15, 2019 


jazzyboy   May 04, 2019 

I can't find the read mount for antennas. Could you give me the link please ?

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