By ThumbzFPV on Apr 16, 2019

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Anyone still interested in tinyhawk mods? Wanna try one that actually makes a difference instead of just wasting more power?

Here ya go.

Get an X-acto knife and 1.5-2mm carbon, lose 6g. You gain ALOT of speed (I can easily pace cars going ~30-35mph). The increase in speed is audible. And if you don't fly like a bat out of hell you'll even pick up another 30-45s flight time.

I'll have DVR in a couple days when I've got time.


Part List


EMAX Tinyhawk Indoor FPV Racing Drone 75mm Whoop Frame Kit - Choose Your ColorWhite

FPV Transmitter

HGLRC GTX Nano VTX (wires soldered on) (5 builds)

Misc Parts

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Tritone_fpv   Jun 01, 2019  

Do you have some DVR? i'd like to see, thanks! looks like an awsome mod to do.

ThumbzFPV   Jun 02, 2019 

I would. If EMAX hadn't sent me replacement board with a defective voltage regulator. It was a great mod, required surprisingly minimal re-tuning. But I'll be selling off what I still have in TH parts and building a Toothpick soon. Heck, you can just buy the frame a some carbon parts from me if you want XD I won't be needing them.

StickyRice   Apr 20, 2019  

hmmm not sure if everyone can make those caron fiber "sticks"(?) but for sure this will make a big difference. Will wait for the videos!! maybe try 3d printing too if ever :-)

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ThumbzFPV   May 05, 2019 

Love them. Get them without hesitation.

tyfighter_FPV   May 05, 2019 

ok i did but just wondering if I'll regret it

ThumbzFPV   May 05, 2019 

Promise you won't the tri-blades are just awful

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