The One Twenty

By quad66 on Apr 17, 2019

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Quad 66 is a project to explore the maximum performance that can achieved on 1S brushless quadcopters. It is an area that seems to have been sort of forgotten or skipped over with the surge in ducted "whoop" and 2S+ open propped designs. Given that 1S performance and durability is so dependent on weight, dedicated 1S designs are needed to unlock the performance potential.

The One Twenty is my first attempt at designing a frame and build from the ground up. The goal is maximum performance from 1S in a reasonably durable and affordable build.

The key design feature on of this frame is that the frame and the FC serve as the camera support with some light foam tape to pad and a light rubber band to secure it in place. It is simple, light, and works. Other features include keeping the prop disc area as unobstructed as possible and . Durability comes from keeping the weight down and mounting electronics so that mounts (nylon screws for the FC and rubber band for the camera) that will breakaway or give in a very hard crash.

Dry weight: 28.5 gm
AUW (with 300 mah 1s): 36.2

Frame weight: 3.4 gm

Safe acro flight time about 4 minutes on 300 mah.

See pics below for PIDs

Note on the motors I think the Betafpv and Fullspeed 1103 11000KV are the same motor. The Fullspeed however have longer motor wires and will reach on this frame without having to solder any annoying extensions.

A little background on the design process:



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sergetania   Apr 19, 2019  

I have been also tinkering with a 1S quad for a while now. I decided I don't mind a bit of weight but the performance on 1102 10000kV motors was just terrible. Waiting for faster motors now hoping it will help. It's not easy to build 1S quads because they are much less popular than 2-3S. Great job!

fovea   Apr 17, 2019  

beautifull simple and tiny! what a weight - awsome!
i like to copy your build. dvr post would be very nice

quad66   Apr 17, 2019 

It shoulde be there now. If not here you go:

fovea   Apr 18, 2019 

very nice! i miss 1s sag after your powerloops ;-) it seems sag doesnt realy exist. you push it hard, flighttime is still good.
good flight/flightfootage - bashy technical frontyard track - to see how this setup perform, absolutly awesome! thanks alot

quad66   Apr 18, 2019 

Thanks. I made a conscious effort in this video to try to push it hard to show the performance. There's not really any detrimental sag until the end of flights when its time to land anyways. Given enough space any quad will sag but for small park and yard flying sag really isn't an issue.

crisat   Apr 18, 2019  

Hi! I agree. there is potential of great fun in 1s batteries. And it is less dangerous. Great build. I think you can get to 5 min flight time with the right combination of props, battery and motors

crisat   Apr 18, 2019 

Actually you already do 5 min in your video! So you can do 6 :)

crisat   Apr 18, 2019 

Try 3in props: your motors with 3in props have much higher efficiency than with 2.5in.

quad66   Apr 18, 2019 

With the 450mah I get around 7 min. It still flies well but has a heavier feel with a little pop and more prop wash.

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