Mode2 Shredder SE

By Doobie52 on May 14, 2019

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A while back, while powerlooping my Skitzo Dark Matter to the moon on old 3s batteries, the voltage sagged so much that the quad turned off and fell from the sky. After scraping it from the pavement, I had exploded and AXii stubby, cracked the top and bottom plates and bent all four standoffs, and bent two motor shafts destroying the bells. The quad was back in the air the following week with new frame pieces and a set of spare motors. I put the two good Lumenier motors aside and forgot about them until last month.

When I came across them, I was going to buy a new set of bells, but I found the motors on sale and I had rewards points to spend. I ended up with two new motors for the cost of replacement bells. Now I needed a frame to put them on.

For Christmas, my wife bought me a 3D printer and I've been cranking out parts for all my quads, but I had also continued getting stuff from Brian3D. I wanted to do a build that I could print all my own parts for. Long story short, I ended up with the Mode2 Shredder SE, and I'm loving this frame. The don't sell the SE as a kit anymore, and I had found the printable camera cage, so I just ordered arms and top and bottom plates. I supplied all the standoffs and hardware. All the 3D files are available from Mode2 on Thingiverse. The only thing they didn't have was a VTX and receiver antenna mount. That I had to make myself and it's now here on Thingiverse.

I'm trying out the Diatone Mamba Power Tower on this build and so far it's been perfect. The flight controller is labeled clear as day and all the pads are laid out great. I'm running DShot600 on the ESC, and with the supplied capacitor installed the video from the Mach3 is excellent. This is the first bottom mount battery frame I've built in a long time and I really enjoying shredding the skies with it.



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kwadkenstine   May 16, 2019  

cool battery saver

Doobie52   May 16, 2019 

Thanks but it's not mine. I found it on Thingiverse.

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