By Sasquads on Apr 19, 2019

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Put in longer standoffs, so it fits a VTX now.
Got rid of the AIO camera, swithed it for an Eachinte VTX-02 and a Foxeer Arrow Micro pro.

I know right? An AIO cam/vtx is doing it unjustice. But the standoffs were to short.
Makes you wonder why anyone would design a frame like this. There is no place for a VTX, unless you use longer standoffs.
So I will rebuild it with longer standoffs and a proper VTX and camera.
This should be a speed demon on 1106 - 7500 kV. These motors are known to be lipo killers, so curious how that will work out.



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Maxiaj_fpv   Apr 19, 2019  

another great build keep it up!

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