3 Inch Skele7on "Toothpick style" frame

By Taylormadearmy on Apr 20, 2019

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I designed, printed and built a 3" version of my Skele7on frame.
Flies like a beast with crazy 5 minute flight times :)

I've since changed the camera to an AKK A5 as you can see in the video the Mobula camera was on its way out...



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StickyRice   Apr 30, 2019  

hey so i have a similar project and im wondering if 1103 is enough for bi-blade 3" because i rarely see people do that. Any thoughts? also here is my take on a similar frame to yours. Also partially 3d printed ;)

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Taylormadearmy   Jun 04, 2019 

My experience shows 5A ESCs are not enough!
I can thoroughly recommend the iflight success 16x16 stack though - you can get an idea how well is works here:

StickyRice   Jun 05, 2019 

i havent released them yet ;-) but wait for a while and im just finishing up the sizes. can someone tell me whats the mounting hole pattern/size of these whoop boards, my current design is 25.4x25.4 mounting pattern

heres an update. I had to ask for the creator of this canopy if i can change it to fit my frame perfectly.

QuadStar Drones   Apr 27, 2019  

It's a beauty!

alwaysbless   Apr 22, 2019  

Youre the first person ive seen with any success on that flight controller. Ive burnt out 2 personally on the first flight for each. The QC seems to be off big time.

Taylormadearmy   Apr 22, 2019 

I blame you. literally smoked it on the next flight I took 😥

Will replace it with a Crazybee.

alwaysbless   Apr 23, 2019 

Man I thought you were one of the lucky ones. They seemed liked theyd have so much promise too lol. HAKRC has a 10a 16x16 stack that only cost 20 bucks. Its a good replacement or there is also the HBS-F405 is worth looking into also both are cheaper than the Crazybee.

Taylormadearmy   Apr 24, 2019 

Yeah. I do like the HAKRC - already have a 16x16 build / design.


I should update it to take the Mobula camera pod and grow it to 3"...

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