Lost and Found: Project399 Super G+

By theFPVgeek on Apr 24, 2019

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I lost this Project399 Super G+ Long Range drone in Sedona, AZ the day before I had to fly back home to the east coast. I posted this news to social media and to my surprise the community was extremely supportive and many locals, and even not so local, was willing to help. One of the locals who I've previously been in contact with (Jon Riley FPV on YT) went out of his way (2 hrs from his home) to look for my lost drone using the GPS coordinates and DVR. ....and HE FOUND IT!
See the recovery video below. Please like and subscribe to his channel :)

Jon Riley's video description/comment:
A few days ago an Fpv pilot (TheFPVGeek) lost his Project 399 Super G+ while flying in Sedona, Az. Unfortunately, that pilot did not live in Arizona and was leaving the next day, therefore, would not be able to locate his quad in time. After speaking with him, I was able to get the coordinates and more importantly his DVR footage. Luckily the terrain in Sedona is terrain association friendly and locating the quad was reasonably easy. Not to mention, the drone was equipped with a Hellgate buzzer which made finding the quad even easier.

All in all in was a fun Easter egg hunt on Easter day, and I am glad (TheFPVGeek) will be able to fly his quad once again.

  • Drive time to Sedona, Az: 2h8m
  • Time to locate the Quad: 17m34s
  • Total hike time: 45m18s (enjoyed the scenery)
  • Total Drive Time: 4h16m



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SkyLine FPV   May 05, 2019  

what battery?

theFPVgeek   May 15, 2019 

4s 5000mah

ElGargamel   Aug 12, 2019 

I'm thinking about these motors as well for a long range 7" build, what made you choose 4S over 6S on these 1200kv motors? Get enough thrust-to-weight with 4S and these props?

theFPVgeek   Aug 21, 2019 

yeah the 2207 didn't have enought power. I much prefer the 6s now.

CatsFPV   Apr 25, 2019  

I am so thrilled that you got it back! Did the GPS coordinates come from the Crossfire Nano directly, or did you have a GPS receiver not listed in the build?

theFPVgeek   Apr 25, 2019 

I had a UBlox GPS...I forgot to add that lol...adding now

Randol_8o8   Apr 25, 2019  

Awesome! subscribed to his channel and threw a like on the video just for the good vibes.

iJaaay   Apr 25, 2019  

awesome story! can you provide input on how you wired the buzzer? i cant figure it out

theFPVgeek   Apr 25, 2019 

GND to GND, BATT to BUZ+ (on BrainFPV Radix or 5v on other FCs), and BUZZ- to BUZZ-

iJaaay   Apr 25, 2019 

i did GND to GND, BUZZ + to BUZZ +, and BUZZ - to BUZZ -, on my bardwell FC but the buzzer was just constantly on. Any idea why?

theFPVgeek   Apr 25, 2019 

not sure sorry

Currently   Apr 24, 2019  

Wow, nice find!

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