The One O Five

By quad66 on Apr 25, 2019

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The OneO Five is a dry weight sub 21gm build that has a an effortless feel in the air. The Afunta props are 55mm so you give up efficiency vs KK 65mm but you gain a precision in the lower and middle third of the throttle curve. They do run out of legs a bit at the very top end so big punch outs can feel a little more like climb outs.

Like The One Twenty the frame and the FC serve as the camera support with some light foam tape to pad and a light rubber band to secure it in place. It is simple, light, and works. Other features include keeping the prop disc area as unobstructed as possible, 105 mm is the smallest size that gives the 55mm props a clean disc area (aside from the arms). As a bonus the Happymodel 0802 motor wires are long enough to reach with no annoying wire extensions to solder up. The frame is very minimal so I don't expect it to last forever. It is essential to keep weight down on this one for durability and performane.

Dry weight: 20.8 gm
AUW (with 250 mah 1s): 27.5

Frame weight: 2.2 gm

Safe acro flight time about 3 - 3.5 minutes on 250 mah.

Another good prop option are the Ladybird props. They will give a little more top end but are a little bit vague at lower throttle. The 65mm KK can be crammed in on this but may rub on the camera depending on the camera and angle. I will have 110mm frame comming that also has slightly wider arms for the combination of 0803s with the 65mm prop.

For comparison I included a pic of the scale of a Newbeedrone BeeBrain Lite, which is one of the lighter brushed whoops out there.

Edit: Did a little mod to the VTX using motor winding wire, two equal lengths one off the signal pad and one off the ground and oriented 180 degrees. See the pic below. For length I’m using the mennace antenna tool. Compared to the regular dipole I’m not seeing any loss of range or consistency in picture quality. With that change (saves about 0.5 gm) and throwing on ladybird props this build just dipped below 20gm dry weight. For lady bird props I drill them through with a 0.95mm bit so that they can be slid all the way down the shaft. Takes care of the usual popping off issue with crashes.

I'll post PIDs once I have a tune, the flight in the vid is untuned basically the same as the 120 which is a bit of a different critter in the air.

Quad 66 is a project to explore the maximum performance that can achieved on 1S brushless quadcopters.



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