By kwadkenstine on Apr 25, 2019

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In OZ we have many rare and dangerious animals.
Kangaroo Koala Wollaby Numbat , etc cute and can be dangerious.
Snakes Spiders Scorpions box jellyfish , deadly but non threatening.
Cassauary (big flightless bird with a axe for a head and 6 inch claws that will chase you down and stomp you to death!!!!!!!.)
DROP BEAR. Verry rare , they live in trees waiting for prey to pass beneeth then down they come.
Leaving behind only bones.
Hglrc stack 438 i think,.
Running 4.0 on defaults added my rates and flew.
Flies like a kwad. Sounded a bit washy coming down out of big loops but i figure that was me on the sticks not being use to higher idle and not lowering throttle enough.
Motors were a little hot but I was using not the newest props.
Update .
As so correctly predicted in the comments I smashed the snot out of the vtx .I new it would happen sooner.
The vtx its selfe survived but lossed the connector .
Even bent some of the screws it was a big hit.
Went something like this .
Exiting power loop off line avoid skyline by th up pitch back smash into shed under roof miss vintage car 1 miss vintage car 2 buonce off convertable soft top (no damage) hit wall lose battery land.
doing a rebuild soon with some mods will post.
Possably fixed the vtx antenna mount issue , direct solder antenna ,heat shrink and my favorite solution( not ) ct it in place.
Cut the tip off with the props on second flight. ARRRG.
Trimmed it down re soldered the dp and trimmed the active element to length and checked it with immersion rc meter.
Curious 600mw vtx . the readout on the meter goes up and down as you move it arround.
highest reading was 560 mw at about 2 feet from the quad in a sortof round shape.
like playing a THERAMIN {wierd sify musical instrument)
Wish the rc meter had an audio output.
HGLRC F438 20X20. it is holding up really well considering its size and the weight of the quad and how badly i fly.
No de sinks no rolls of death, clean vtx and the connecting pins seem solid so far .But i must admit i built this thing to be a little heavy because i was concerned about fatiguing the pins with motor vibrations. all motors vibrate if they dont they broke.
Update.8 jun
This has turned out to be a good solid rig. Im especially pleased about the camera mount . And while it is not as quick as my lighter rigs it is as fast and im starting to apreciate the extra mass .
Using that extra mass to make the quad doo things it cant doo with just bruit power.
Spoiler .Im building a craft to explore this more . Stay tuned.



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QuadStar Drones   Apr 27, 2019  

It reminds me of when I used to go thru my junk heap and do some frankenstein builds. I think it looks perfect, keep it down and dirty

kwadkenstine   Apr 27, 2019 

RAG rough as guts

Jodie Froster   Apr 25, 2019  

I love the heart shaped access hole you made in the old wizard side plate for your usb connector. WOAH DANG look at that camera tilt! I like that you reused the wizard bottom plate as your top plate here, resourcefull! I hope said top plate doesn't break when that vertically mounted sma antenna shears off, but honestly I don't think you are worried about breaking a little carbon ;)
I dig the name, I remember you asked for ideas, and I tried to think of one for you, this one seems fitting.

kwadkenstine   Apr 25, 2019 

Hi.Its a different kwad than nameless one.
vtx was all i had..
So far i am inpressed with the stack HGLRC 438 i think
4.0 is different.
I am making those wizards pay

M490fpv   Apr 25, 2019  

XD What an ugly creature! :D

kwadkenstine   Apr 25, 2019 

If you look its even got a bolt in its neck

M490fpv   Apr 25, 2019 

:D Yes!

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