Lil' banshee

By Squamous on Apr 25, 2019

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This toothpick style build uses the pickle mini frame, Aokfly 1104s, rx2535 props, a crazybee f4 board, and a mobula 7 canopy. If you want an adjustable camera mount get the snapper7 canopy instead, the mobula7 one clips the props on hard manuvers and causes prop wash. I highly recommend the rotorx props, very good performance but also kinda pricey.



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Jodie Froster   Apr 25, 2019  

I was wondering how long ppl would stick with the 1102 and 1103 motors on these toothpick builds. I figure by the end of the summer ppl will be running the 1108's that nobody can run on heavier rigs without destroying their batteries. At least 1107.

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Squamous   Apr 27, 2019 

As much as l'd like to see a 1108 build, I think it would be overkill, might be interesting with beta 85x guts and 2535 quadblades :)

Flight&Dice   May 02, 2019 

I agree, it seems weight and esc ratings are the limiting factors for now. 1102/3 seem to be the sweet spot for 6A esc. Things will get interesting if these new AIO boards tolerate more amps/cells without gaining too much weight. More cells = lower voltage sag and amp draw, means you can run taller motors at higher kv, without smoking the esc's. I bet that 220mah 3s batteries are the next trend on toothpicks.

Squamous   May 02, 2019 

Its true that going the way of 5inch quads with higher voltage lipos, lower kv motors, and higher rated escs would yield a superior performer, thus my suggesting the beta 85x stuff, or even that new geprc board with 12a escs. But, true be told kabab has done it again, just having posted a video of his latest toothpick build at only 50 grams running on 1s that outperforms most the 2s builds.

Sasquads   Apr 26, 2019  

Flies sweet
What's the weight without lipo?

Squamous   Apr 26, 2019 

without the lipo its coming in at 45.52g. with the 450mah 2s lipo its around 74g.

Sasquads   Apr 26, 2019 


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