Calimero HD

By Dave_C FPV on Apr 29, 2019

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The Calimero HD is a fully 3D printed frame I designed to fit a Caddx Turtle V2 on a tootpick style platform.
Of course there is additional weight compared to a regular toothpick style setup (around 12g).
To compensate this I use lighter 300mah Turnigy Nano Lipos (16.6g) instead of e.g. Tattu 450mah (29.6g).
The AUW stays pretty much the same (76g) and although I lost some flight time the quad still has most of those great flight characteristics of a regular.
toothpick. Check the video in the comments. That tiny thing moves! :-D

STL Files & Build Recommendations:



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HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 07, 2019  

The second my friend comes back into town I am going to beg him to print this frame IMMEDIATELY! I gotsta have it on some F15's or Hyperlite Toothpicks! Sometimes, two inches are all you need (... is what I keep tellin' the ladies!.... rimshot)

nhcraig01   May 21, 2019  

So I'm looking on the thigiverse page and I had a couple questions(I'm reletively new to the hobby). Is the conopy only usefull for the turtle b2 or could I use it with the Cadx Turbo EOS2? If I go with that camera it would remove maybe 2mm from the internal stack. Would the canopy just sink down and take up the room? Looking forward to building this thing, thanks for the great work.

Dave_C FPV   May 21, 2019 

Thanks! No thats not compatible but I have another canopy that fits the EOS2 on my Thingiverse. Its the 14mm version. Btw I‘d get a RunCam Nano 2 or Racer Nano instead of the EOS I think they perform better.

nhcraig01   May 21, 2019 

Alright so using the Runcam Nano 2 would work with the 14mm_Cam_Pod? And would a 7500kv motor setup with a 2s 350mAh battery be flyable? Also does the unify nano just sit behind the cam under the canopy?
Thanks for the help.

Dave_C FPV   May 21, 2019 

Yes 7500kV on a 2S is perfect. Kabab recommends 450mah but I personally think they feel a bit heavy in the air. So 350 is the best IMO. Jup, the nano sits just simply in the canopy. Also get an external Receiver and not the board with the integrated one. It fits nicely under the board in the frame.
Oh and by the way make sure to use the right version of the frame. You need the "Calimero" not the "Calimero HD". Check my youtube video on the frame for some more details :-)

Primer_FPV   May 02, 2019  

I built your Gate Hunter frame, and this Calimero. Both amazing. The Calimero just needs some beefing up where the cutout for the sd card is. There is substantially more flex on those 2 arms than the other. Mine flies great regardless though. I can't wait for Version 2 of this frame, the engineering/design is top notch.

Dave_C FPV   May 03, 2019 

Thanks! I know that SD-Card slot was super annoying to integrate into the design. Its the whole reason I had to re-design the Microblivion and use the double arms. Regular arms would be in the way. I have a 3" Version for 1404 / 1304 motors coming soon to fit the new 12A 4S GEPRC Whoop board. Should be a beast on 3S 6000kV with light 3025 bi-blades

Dave_C FPV   May 04, 2019 

FYI I just uploaded a verison 1.1 that resolves the stiffness issues

Jodie Froster   Apr 30, 2019  

Great design!

Dave_C FPV   Apr 29, 2019  

ThumbzFPV   Apr 29, 2019 

Just a tip: Put some liquid electrical tape over the mic on the Turtle V2 and the audio becomes MUCH better

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