Pit's Torque (exposed reverse stack build)

By Pit on May 02, 2019

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The concept is based on my "Scorp" build. The arms and the bottom plate design is largely similar.
The idea came to me when I opened the DALRC Rocket 50A ESC box. I didn't want to hide this beautiful metal cooler below the electonics stack. So I thought what if I place it on the top? I only needed to figure out the top plate(s) so "The Rocket" gets all the glory it deserves. In addition, I couldn't really use a tiny 20 awg wire on the build as exposed as this. The Blue 16 awg seemed to be the best alternative (however about +10 grams in weight).
The build with the heavy DalRC Rocket, 16 awg wires and those Lumenier Zip 2407 monsters is about 320g. Not light, by todays standards, but it surely can make a use of all the power that the batteries can give.

Here is what to do if you'd like to build a quad with this naked style frame.
a) Buy a 5inch, a 5/6 hybrid or a 6inch carbon parts from the armattanproductions here: https://armattanproductions.com/pages/shop_product_grid/3488
b) Buy the metal parts from anywhere you like. (banggood, aliexpress etc..). The complete list of those parts are available in the description of the armattan link.
c) Print the tpu parts yourself or let some friend print them for you. The models for those parts are available for free here: https://www.thingiverse.com/KrisMin/collections/pits-torque

The frame has a 4mm bottom and top plates (30.5x30.5 bolt pattern support only). The arms are 6x9mm in cross section. The body is built like a tank. In case of heavy impact, the arms will give up first. The bottom of the frame is flat - no sticking out bolt heads. The frame is designed to be simple. The arms fit on every corner(mirror). The top plates fit on both sides (mirror). The electronic stack features the shifting plate, same as on "The Scorp". It's a good way to do tight builds and an efective use of the space between the stack and the camera.



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CzechTrilobit   May 24, 2019  

With what did you tie three cables near FC? It looks like copper shaved cables.
Thank you for info. :)

Pit   May 26, 2019 

Check out the Torque frame Thingiverse collection link at the description. Those in picture are the wire clamps. Printed from TPU.

Pit   May 08, 2019  

The description is now updated and the carbon parts are available at armattanproductions.

pothman   May 06, 2019  

awesome. Looks like a Hotrod

All Day Air   May 04, 2019  

Yeah the frame definitely shows it off! But fyi, the fc normally goes on top because thats where the least amount of vibes will be, if she's flying funky or hot motors I'd recommend you try switching them.

Pit   May 05, 2019 

There is no issue there. Because of the shifted stack design, the FC has double vibration isolation. In addition, the motors and motor bolts have tpu dampers, the motor bolt holes are oversized to minimize direct contact with the arms.

All Day Air   May 06, 2019 

A builder after my own heart lol

TeamWolfFPV   May 03, 2019  

Frame shows off ESC nicely. Awesome work!

RZFPV   May 02, 2019  

what bat?

Pit   May 03, 2019 

Any racers 6S really. I am using CHL 1050 currently, but those are not that good.

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