UltraVylet Marmotte

By SoCoFPV on Jun 02, 2019

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This is my first $100+ air frame... I will update after a couple of flights.
6/8/2019: update, where do i start?
Definetly going to step up to 6s, I am impressed with the Iflights Xing motors. Definetly right there with Hyperlite on performance, and smooth power. Just getting over some prop decision challenges as these are my first set of "Low KV" motors. Running HQ 5x4.8x3 on 5s on the 1800kv Xing’s is decent, I tried some Azure Johnny FPV 5x3.8x3. Lets just say I need to be on 6s before I bolt those Props back on(not enough RPM). As for the air frame? WOW! I wish I had started here. As i write this another is in transit to be the replacement frame for another setup i have on a clone frame(sorry, but I have learned my lesson). so keep an Eye out for another Marmotte from me. This frame is tough and having a Lifetime Warranty from Armattan to back it up is good piece of mind. The fit and finish made assembly and component placement a dream! Big thanks to Brain3D for offering such nice prints to personalize and protect your investment.



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dalimaster   Jun 17, 2019  

hey! how much is AUW? On full throttle? Cause I think it burn something
i have this 2208 1800kv, and 800g auw... Building 5"-6", do I need to cut amps on full throttle?

SoCoFPV   Jun 19, 2019 

AUW (Gp session + 1300mah 6s) is 706g. battery and motors run cool. please list your setup?

CiggyTardust   Jun 06, 2019  

May I ask why you went for the 5.5" over the 5" frame? Trying to decide between the two for my next build.

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SoCoFPV   Jun 07, 2019 

but it is at the cost of higher amps.

CiggyTardust   Jun 08, 2019 

Got it. How are you liking the motors? Specifically punch/power/efficiency? Thinking of grabbing a set for my 6S Marmotte build.

SoCoFPV   Jun 08, 2019 

They never fail to impress me.
I am picking up a few 6s packs to power this bird next. 5s is plenty efficient though. I have Xing motors on a couple quads now, smooth power.

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