Amax 1103 2s toothpick with TBS crossfire.

By terranmetal on May 13, 2019

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The toothpick hype is no joke. This thing flies fast because of its light weight and its one of the most efficient crafts for a nano quad.

I get at least 4 minutes of hard ripping and can easily get 7 minutes per 2s 450mah battery. Max amp draw on punch out is 12amps.

With the increased flight times and with flight characteristics that are good enough for acro over trees, this is an excellent craft for practice on manuevers. You can literally do hard power loops for 4 minutes straight without worry of battery sag or burning motors/escs.

Yes, that is a sticker antenna for vtx and light weight crossfire antenna for tx.

The 3d printed accessories are found here.



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New2FPV   Aug 30, 2019  

Where did you get the canopy from? It looks 3d printed as well... Is it available on Thanks in advance!

terranmetal   Sep 03, 2019 

It is. Its listed in one of the files here.

Cappurnikus   May 18, 2019  

I agree it's no joke. I put one together on 0803 motors and was startled by the agility/power. I plan on stepping it up to 11xxx motors soon.

MATEKMAN   May 13, 2019  

It's a mini long range quad ! ;)

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