VertiBus 5 Freestyler (own design)

By bigtuni on May 17, 2019

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Hello everyone,
together with a buddy we have come up with a new twist for the (not so new) vertical arm concept. Based on the popular (at least in Europe) race frame called Infinitum or Staccato, both mainly for racing with lipo on the bottom, we have adapted this design to carry the lipo and a HD-cam on top.
These vert-arms have proven to be immensly effective in providing a stable flight. So we wanted this also for freestyle.
The name is drived from VERTIcal arms in a traditional BUS design, like the Alien/QAV/ZMR/Martian and many more. This avoids the hassle when building or fixing, thanks to easy access without having to dismantle the whole thing.
This thing cuts corners like a racer and is much more silent than the traditional "fat" arms. Awesome to fly...........efficiency seems equal to the more traditional arm designs though. This I will only tell over time.
Get the STLs build your own frame.



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Quantum FPV   May 19, 2019  

That's sweet!

bigtuni   May 20, 2019 

Thanks !!

PropHawk   May 19, 2019  

I love it! Great concept and execution! I bet it flies like a dream. Thanks for sharing. Please continue to create this wonderful stuff. I'm new to 5" brushless and wanting to improve skills to race and HD Video freestyle soon. Seeing and reading stuff like this makes more want it even more.

bigtuni   May 20, 2019 

Yup, my personal best flying frame yet. Despite being heavy, handles like a light-weight. These thin arms simply let the air through, no resistence. No comparison to those wide arms like a Rooster or Alien.

PropHawk   May 19, 2019  

Could this frame see production? Is there a way to get schematic to have one cut for myself? Thanks for sharing

bigtuni   May 20, 2019 

Basically yes. Let me check with my buddy how we are going to handle such requests.

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