SethPV neXus 2019 Race Quad

By SethPV on May 13, 2019

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This is my (SethPV, The RCAddict) 2019 race build featuring my new frame the neXus :)

It's a 6s 5.2 inch build using premium parts that are top of the line and produce an extremely clean build.



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Nabla   Jun 14, 2019  

How has the pyro32 esc held up?

SethPV   Jun 17, 2019 

I haven't killed one yet.

kwadkenstine   May 18, 2019  

Hi I value your input on props I live in a remote area in oz freight takes for eva.
I fly dal 5046 on just about everything can you recomend a alternative allrounder to try cause even getting samples takes weeks.
Hard ask i know without seeing my rigs (some are on here too).

tehllama   May 20, 2019 

I'm not Seth, but as somebody who adores those T5046C props and still uses them as my go-to race prop, the Gemfan 51499 and 51466 are both pretty excellent - the 51499 are obviously a bit quicker and amp hungry, the 51466 are a touch smoother and use less amps (until you're doing silly things like running 2250KV on 6S). Those are my recommendation.

SethPV   May 24, 2019 

I agree with tehllama ^ :)

tehllama   May 24, 2019 

Heh, thanks. I've found that the 51466 does at least bend perpendicular to the hub, which means I've been able to limp that home really reliably, just at reduced speed. I end up using those for qualifying, so it works.
51499 is still probably the all-around choice, if not the V2 Cyclones (just for durability - I also like how linear the throttle response is with 2208 motors, the mushier bottom range of the throttle means it's just one continuous line of thrust on offer to my feel).
Good thing to hear that the 5147 is pretty much in the same range, with most of the upsides of the 51466 and making any improvement on durability. I guess I'm ridiculous that I'll wait on those props until I can get them in Purple (and also need to burn off my 35 sets of V2 Cyclones in purple)

freerider101   May 17, 2019  

At first I was, "How did you get Seth's new racing frame so fast?" But then, I realize that it's you Seth!! :D :D

SethPV   May 24, 2019 


KryptoSteel24   May 13, 2019  

no heatshrink on the race wire?

SethPV   May 13, 2019 

No sir, just double sided tape under it, never had any issues.

tehllama   May 20, 2019 

Not needed - the heatshrink is great if you want to run it on bottom, but on top of an arm, VHB will get it done.
I'm paranoid, and still run the heat shrink, VHB, then electrical tape over the solder joints

Pit   May 18, 2019  

Looks clean. Nice build!

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