Micro Transcend

By FGR FPV on May 14, 2019

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It's just a 3d printed prototype yet, but I still wanted to share it!
It's going to be a 3" monster, based on a 16x16 stack (yes, I know the strongest one available is 12 amps, I'm waiting for a stronger one)
I calculated the weight to be around 200g with a 650mAh 4s lipo.

It features the runcam racer nano cam (thx runcam for sponsoring btw!)



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packocrayons   7 days ago  

12 amps should be enough for 1306 size motors, or are you going with something crazy?

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packocrayons   5 days ago 

I went with the racerstart 1306 motors. I recently cracked a shaft in one of them in a very hard crash, and now have the racerstar 1507's. 1104 would be too small, but I am a fan of my 1104 4000kv DYS motors on 4S spinning 2" props. I think you're looking in the 3600kv range for 1306 on 4S. The racerstar QCS props are good but have absolutely no low end bite. Good for smoothness but not for power (my 3" rig is pretty heavy)

Dave_C   4 days ago 

I'd go for some Emax 1306

Dave_C   4 days ago 

Btw since Bob Roogi is working on a superlight 3" too I'm kind of following his recommendations at the moment.
He suggests motors in the 10g range. He specifically mentioned 1404 and 1304.
But the EMAX 1306 is the the ball park too with quite exactly 10g.

IcarusIX   7 days ago  

Nice one! I'm also trying to design larger frames for a 12x 12 stack, The footprint is insane! Also, that canopy is gorgeous

FGR FPV   6 days ago 

Thank you 😁 Do you mean a 16x16 stack or is there really already a 12x12 stack? That would be crazy small!

IcarusIX   5 days ago 

haha yeah a 16x16 stack my bad lol

Nabla   7 days ago  

This is really neat! Great work

FGR FPV   6 days ago 

Thank you!

SkyLine FPV   6 days ago  

that frame look soooo good, great work

FGR FPV   6 days ago 

Thank you 😁 If you like this one, check out the "real" Transcend too :D

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