Stuka 5" 230mm

By Onworp on May 15, 2019

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This is my own frame/canopy design, cf was cut by Armattan Productions, tpu is sainsmart.

The frame is a slightly stretched X 230mm, arms are 6x10mm, base plate is 6mm.

I don't like the random consequences of arm breaks, so on this design the arm bolts are the weak point, one of the two 12.9 tensile bolts generally breaks and the arm is designed to swing round harmlessly without pulling on the motor wires or esc pads.

Could save 10g by using 5mm cf and at least 10g on the tpu, but I am more interested in durability than weight these days.



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Onworp   May 18, 2019  

Maiden with betaflight 402, I am glad I upgraded, it flys real nice.

Whiffles   May 16, 2019  

Wow, what's that camera angle?

Onworp   May 17, 2019 

65°, a bit much maybe.

A fixed angle has been good for durability (can't remember the last time I broke a camera).

But if I want a different angle I have to print a new pod.

kwadkenstine   May 16, 2019  


Jodie Froster   May 16, 2019  

Outstanding work!

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