Cockroach Budget Build (inspired by KebabFPV's budget build)

By Carbon FPV on May 18, 2019

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I've been flying a lot of micros but lately I decided to try the real thing: a five inch. I've been following KebabFPV for a while and in his video description he has a sub 200$ build listed. This build is somewhat different but inspired by that build a lot! It flies great on stock betaflight 4.0

Flight footage:

Build video:

Gopro footage coming soon (as soon as I can get my hands on one)



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Thomaat   12 days ago  

I like the slimmer fuselage frame, but how did you mount your GoPro?

Carbon FPV   6 days ago 

I just ordered a mount from banggood for my hero 5, will post an image on instagram soon!

jtFPV   May 19, 2019  

very cool!

Carbon FPV   May 20, 2019 


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