Lightweight 85mm 1S whoop conversion

By virtual_stephen on May 20, 2019

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Started out as a 75mm whoop but now converted onto a 85mm carbon fiber frame with 55mm bi-blades and it flies like a totally different machine.

Wonderful control, snap and response. Flips, rolls and punch-outs that I didn't realise these motors would ever be capable of! The 85mm frame with 55m props is a nice size for 0703 motors which struggle to spin 65mm props.

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The new GNB 520Mah 1S HV lipos are great, highly recommended. I have flown on 300Mah but it's not quite as explosive. The canopy is a LDARC Tiny R version with a lot of dremel work done, both to allow the VTX antenna out as well as to allow a more aggressive camera angle. Original BetaFPV camera lost it's lens so that is now replaced with a similar tiny camera.

This thing is able to fly slaloms at "full tilt" literally punching its way from side to side to make incredibly rapid turns. So much fun.

31g dry weight
44g AUW including 1S 520Mah.


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Kubay_Danil   Aug 13, 2020  

Are the motors overheating? Is it possible to assemble such a device on 0802 motors and what KV is needed so that it can support 1-2S

virtual_stephen   Aug 13, 2020 

Motors do not overheat, but obviously it's not as powerful as a 11xx motor. These old hubsan 55mm props are light and easy to spin. If you wanted 1-2S then something like an 0803 in the 11000 - 12000kv range should be good with 55mm props. I have the "eachine trashcan" which is now also using 55mm props and that has more power than this when as the

gruss   Oct 14, 2019  

Love this! I am trying to do something similar..
I'm curious how you managed to get the 3-hole motors to work with the 4-hole mounts of the frame?

virtual_stephen   Oct 15, 2019 

used a dremel with a 0.5mm drill bit so create 3 new holes. It was a bit annoying as I had assumed the frame would fit as well, but it has a different 3-hole pattern instead of the one used of happymodel 0703. However the result is stable and strong (at least strong enough for such small motors).

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