By EvolutionFpv on May 21, 2019

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The HellCat is the newest creation from Evolution Fpv, this frame incorporate Evolution Fpv skeleton design. This is a sleek Beautiful high performance racing frame for the track or everyday flying.

Replacement Arms will be available soon!!

Frame Size: 212mm
Flight Stack Mounts: 20×20 And 30.5×30.5
Frame Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
Base Material Thickness: 5mm
Camera Mount Material Thickness: 2mm
Camera Size: Micro’s (19mm)
Arms Width: 7mm
Frame Type: Stretch X
Motor Compatibility: 18xx-26xx
Prop Compatibility: 5"
Frame Weight: 68g

HellCat Review



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adarkthinline   1 day ago  

Hey - This Frame LOOKS AWESOME! --- is it possible to mount the battery on top???
and have you thought about making just a top plate and a bottom plate like this?

IcarusIX   30 days ago  

You guys make some pretty dope looking frames, keep it up :) also, is it just standoffs and the cam mount holding the top and bottom motors/arms together? if so how did that go in crash testing?

EvolutionFpv   30 days ago 

this frame is very very strong it handles crashes well

cptandy   27 days ago 

EVO is being modest.... I have not been able to break it and have not seen EVO (or any1 for that matter) break one since he finished the frame. I upgraded finally to it after having Hell cats eat my other quads in mid air collisions or me breaking them on gates. I have to admit it is really nice to just fly and not worry about breaking stuff. I LITERALLY carry ZERO spares for this frame. NO arms, nothing….

kwadkenstine   29 days ago  

nice good to see it looks like its been flown a bit , lill chip on the motor protector.if it was mine i would be tempted to invert the front motors to drop them out of camera shot with lower camera angle. but thats my prefrence'
is there a big difference between front and rear arms, are they swapable.
neat build too , all of what you need and nothing of what you dont.

EvolutionFpv   29 days ago 

The front arms are way diffrent from the rear it is not swapable

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