Flite Test Rotor Bones Quad

By Sean on Dec 23, 2016

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This was my first ever multirotor build, dating back to August 2013. I'm posting it on here because I thought some people who've been in the hobby for a while might enjoy a blast from the past! I still have this monster and it still flies okay in acro LOS. The frame was the Flite Test Anycopter from their Rotor Bones series which is sadly now discontinued. The 15A MultiStar ESCs it uses are also discontinued, so I've listed the 20A ones here.

I think it's great to look back on this stuff and see how much the hobby has progressed in just a few years.



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The Lightning Stalker   Dec 27, 2016  

That is a sweet build with the laser cut wood. This type of model is what inspired me to get into the hobby.

metropolis   Dec 26, 2016  

Thanks for sharing!!

Whiffles   Dec 23, 2016  

Definitely brings back memories. My first quad was a Cheerson CX-20 which I eventually converted to an F450. Yours has a nice nostalgic DIY look to it and could make a nice wall decoration :) It's amazing what you can build for the same price now. It's a bit sad that these stores have so much outdated inventory that really has no value in the hobby today. They should sell or even give this kit to schools for makerspace projects.

cooties   Dec 23, 2016  

wood! Man that brings back memories. My first quad I built out of plywood and aluminum and used a kk board (NOT kk2!). Awesome.

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