Trashcan rides again - 0803 rebuild

By virtual_stephen on May 24, 2019

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After flying the Trashcan and seeing nice power but only 1:00-1:30 flight times out of a new GNB 300Mah and lots of yaw washout on aggressive manuevers I considered it a lost cause....

Then I got the Airblade UAV 75mm frame. The yaw washouts were gone. But I still couldn't break 1:30 on a 300Mah which annoyed me. Plus that jello vibration... The stock canopy had to go.

After building a toothpick (and blowing ESCs) I was aware of the potential but also knew that the 0803 motors weren't gonna run 2S with 65mm props. I bought a big selection of >40mm and <65mm props (hubsan bi-blade 55mm, 45mm tr-blade, 65mm bi-blade and walkera 55mm bi-blade). The old walkera 55mm ladybird props fared best, due to good response, good efficiency and not making motors too hot. Also durability is good.

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Flight times are now 3:00-4:00 using 300Mah or 450Mah charged to non-HV voltages.

Dry weight is 39g. I blame the EOS2 for most of that, the camera is heavy and requires a thick and rigid canopy to prevent vibration. I'm sure that a weight saving of 2-4g could be realised by changing the camera and perhaps VTX also. This is still lighter than some 2S whoops like the Beta75X (41g) but heavier than the trashcan (34g).

I've included a good Pololu 5V regulator, whilst your 5V regulator may not burn out, many people find that the board is "dead" after a few flights. If you haven't got dead ESCs and find that the board powers via USB but not from your battery then adding the 5V regulator is a very cheap fix. Simply solder the 'vin' to the battery terminal and 'vout' to a 5V pad on the board. Ground to battery terminal and to another GND pad to be safe.



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Jodie Froster   May 25, 2019  

Nice work with the external regulator, so many ppl just give up on em

virtual_stephen   May 27, 2019 

Yeah, when it took a month to arrive then blew out on the second flight I wasn't about to give up! Amazon stocks these with next-day delivery.

UpMostBeast FPV   May 26, 2019  

you find that the 0803 motors can handle the ladybird props just fine?

virtual_stephen   May 27, 2019 

motors come down warm but not scorching. I tried 65mm on 1S, that works but not responsive and 2S is too much with 65mm. The ladybird props work for me on 2S, but you'll want to keep the weight down; the 0703 and 0803 motors don't have much torque. I do have enough power for acro and some basic 3D tho.

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