Twiglet revision: Groot grows up

By flickischris on May 24, 2019

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Upgraded my original twiglet build that used an old betaFPV Z01 camera/vtx to a runcam racer nano and a 3d printed canopy from tacoRC.

I absolutely loved my original build and recently busted the motor shafts on the two front motors, and some how destroyed the fc. So just decided to go all in and build it exactly how I wanted it.

UPDATE: 5v regulator was doa, so the fc wont power via anything higher than 5v. Replacement will be here in a few days. May use the new 2-3s aio from betafpv that i was planning on using for another build.

Link to original build: Twiglet AKA Groot

used the 2-3s aio and flew it, it was hands down the best flying thing Ive built yet, right up until I center punched a metal pole. Thought i toasted the cam and bought a replacement, but its fine! The front cross bar took almost all the blow. Just lost a prop/ motor shaft that tore up some motor wires. Fixing it all now. Should be flying tommorow.


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Ely   May 31, 2019  

solid toothpick build!

KryptoSteel24   May 26, 2019  

is that a motor winding sticking out of the stack???

flickischris   May 26, 2019 

na its the antenna frommthe built in receiver

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