Nano Fpv Tank Build

By volitant on May 25, 2019

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Haven't built any quads for a while but there was something else I fancied fpving and had to share!

(Sorry if this isn't allowed and will remove if needed!)

After finding the perfect candidate for a micro fpv tank, I quickly designed and 3d printed a new shell and fitted with proper rx/tx, esc and fpv.

Loads of fun with the cat and a fantastic inspection bot due to its tiny size! *65mmx40mmx30mm

Two leds were overkill!

I didn't use these components as I found them later but they are even smaller.



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BearPants   11 days ago  

What LEDS?

volitant   10 days ago 

just your typical 5mm 3.2v leds, however they are too bright really, maybe a different colour or even as someone else suggested, infrared leds might work for a "night vision" effect althought im not sure if the camera has a IR filter or not.

Brownga3   16 days ago  

Also what did you hook your receiver to? The esc or the camera part thing?

volitant   16 days ago 

the receiver is wired to the escs and everything else can be wired directly to the 1s lipo

Brownga3   15 days ago 

thanks a ton!!! I am a noob to all of this building things. I got a wizard x220 so i do know a little but not enough. Thanks for all the help and for sharing this awesome idea/build. How ever I do have one more question. Did you also hook the fpv transmiter straight to the battery or did you also hook that up to the esc? thanks for all the help.

volitant   15 days ago 

No problem! The fpv transmitter is wired directly to the battery and the fpv camera is powered from the fpv transmitter

Brownga3   16 days ago  

Hey Volitant, AWESOME BUILD!!!!! I see you suggested a new esc. does it have the led capabilities like your first escs did?

volitant   16 days ago 

i havent really looked at it, but i dont think it does, that said my leds are just run directly from the battery and permanently on

Coyotebt   22 days ago  

Wow that nano tank too well.
would you have a technical diagram for the connection of the elements (esc, motor, receiver, etc ...)
Thank you for sharing this beautiful nano tank

volitant   22 days ago 

Thank you for the kind words!

However I have no diagrams for wiring, but pwm receiver and brushed motor wiring is very simple, and there are many videos online showing how to do so

ScreamingEagle   28 days ago  

Do you know of there is any way to ise this with a spektrum reciever and transmiter?

volitant   27 days ago 

yeah, any pwm rx which can fit inside can be used really!

StickyRice   30 days ago  

this is actually applicable in several fields in science dudee. This is impressive!

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StickyRice   29 days ago 

if you increase the size a bit...maybe just twice its size rn, you could probably put maybe 3linear servos (theyre realllyyy small, often used in small helicopters) you could have an arm thing and maybe a magnet at the end so you can get stuff. Actually that gives me an idea ahhahahah

volitant   28 days ago 

Without making the entire thing myself I can't really increase the size, I'd love to see what you come up with though!

StickyRice   28 days ago 

ill try it out once i get stuff!!

Ultravox-7000   28 days ago  

Damn I love these things, sick shell/canopy design too! Ordered the parts for this back when i saw the original reddit thread, still waiting on banggood. Do you by chance have any idea what size the motors are on this thing? I can only imagine how crazy these would be with high KV tiny-whoop motors.

volitant   28 days ago 

Haha thats great! I haven't looked at the motors/transmission but personally I had been thinking of a lower kv motor as the stock ones are very fast already, I limit the throttle to 75% to make it more controllable at lower speeds but I think a higher torque/lower kv motor would make it even better at climbing and more precise.

At the same time it would be funny to see what would happen with some crazy fast motors!

Ultravox-7000   28 days ago 

Yeah haha exactly, it'd be absolutely awful trying to control it. Lower KV would definitely help it in that regard..

And yep, I'd just want to try those for the potential absurdity of it (and wheelies or maybe even flips?), especially relative to the mellow speed of the servo-driven ones we see now. Also I think there miiiight be a way to make it more controllable by changing the throttle-expo or stick-curves within a lot of controllers, like the fsi6s-- unless I'm mistaken and PWM has no resolution and is just on/off in this application. Idk I've only ever used ibus lol.

Will have to screw around with them eventually and get back to you!

JasonFPV0   30 days ago  

I made something like this but a little bigger, it works but not great because I used modified 9g servos for motors. I sorta want to make a new one now... What do you all thing about adding in some sort of tiny heating coil that could light a small firework/bottle rocket? You could drive it around and launch rockets at targets or something. Any ideas for people friendly projectiles? Maybe we could 3d print something like the launcher on the parrot mambo drone.

volitant   29 days ago 

That would be so cool to see lol, It might be possible but I've never done anything like it, Theres also probably only enough room to carry one bottle rocket haha, That parrot drones bb cannon is a sweet idea!

CarbonRain   30 days ago  

That's adorable! Bet it's a load of fun too, might have to make one myself

volitant   30 days ago 

Its a bit fiddly but definitely worth it!

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