wild flower 3s 1304 geprc 12a

By matthew saigon on May 27, 2019

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80g dry, a bit faster and more torque than 1105 motors
this build is pretty usual, but if you have question about this build, just leave a comment.

batteries: 3s 650mah
and the pigtail of your build should be 16awg. don't use 18awg wires for pigtail.

pid is flyable, not great.
betaflight 4.0.2
R: 32, 78, 25 ff: 70 D_min: 16
P: 34, 85, 27 ff: 70 D_min: 18
Y: 35, 100, 0 ff: 0
D_min gain: 30
i term rotation: on
i term relax: RP, Gyro
tpa: 40, 1600

5/28/19: the video looks bad, but i don't know how to make youtube videos. you can hardly see anything. i'll try to put capacitor on it to smooth out videos but that'll take a few days.
i crashed but it's still ok :)
3s 550mah

5/28/19: 3s 650mah. video looks really bad. don't watch it :)
5/29/19: i think i know what the problem is. i think it's the hglrc nano vtx. 25mw feels like 15mw and 50mw feels like 25mw :(


Part List


Simple X-120 FPV Drone Frame (8 builds)

Flight Controller

GEP-12A-F4 Flight Controller 12A ESC V1.1 (9 builds)


4 x 1304ST Brushless Motor (8 builds)


Gemfan Windancer 3028 3-blade Propeller Compatible 5mm/1.5mm Mounting Hole (3 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Racer Nano (5 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO32 NANO 5G8 (50 builds)


RDQ Series 11.1V 3S 650mAh 80C LiPo Micro Battery - XT30 (3 builds)
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StickyRice   May 28, 2019  

awwww mannnnnn you beat me to the 3" whoop build ahhaha. This is lit!!

StickyRice   May 28, 2019 

whats your flight times?

matthew saigon   May 28, 2019 

with 3s 650mah, it should be about 4 minutes, but if you do many power loops then it's about 3 minutes. at this weight you can use 3s 850mah. but remember to use 16awg wires for pigtail and battery power lead. i saw your video and i think this might not be good for where you're flying. this is for park only, flying over grass, hitting branches and fall on grass. it's not meant to fly around brick walls and metal or over asphalts and concrete :) plus yours is 4s 1306, i don't know if you want to go down to something less powerful. 3s 1304 are not as powerful as 4s 1306. anyway, this setup can take more weight if you like to add HD to it. it should be about 90g. and it's good with lighter props like avan 3", 3025, hq3x3x2.

matthew saigon   May 28, 2019 

the video still looks bad but i at least can see where i'm going. you can get really long flight times with this one. 3s 550 for light weight, 3s 650mah is my favorite, 850mah you can feel the weight but not too bad and you can have longer flight times. if you just cruise around like in your video you could have a really long flight times.

Dave_C FPV   May 28, 2019  

Nice! I'm building something very simillar right now. How is the GEPRC board holding up?

matthew saigon   May 28, 2019 

it flies fine. i haven't heard any complain about the board yet. there are people who have 90g HD setups with 1304 and they don't have any problem. so this 80g setup should be fine.

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