By Zakre256 on May 31, 2019

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dry weight: 375g
weight with 4S 1550mah v3 rline: 550g
I have moved the GPS off the arm and onto the top of the camera cage
This is the TopiriX frame from AerodyneRC. I always keep an eye out for unique frames and this one ticked all the right boxes. The camera position is amazing, it really gives the flight a "crisper" feel, I also like that depending on the angle of the camera, you can see where the sides of the quad are which makes it easier to judge gaps and distances. The frame is rock solid with the cnc body and solid unidirectional carbon fiber arms. super easy to take the frame apart and work on components. The KDE motors are by far the highest quality motors I've ever used. The power, smoothness and efficiency are unreal, I'm very impressed with KDE. I will continue to add to this as I fly this quad more. As of now I'm seriously floored with this thing.****



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wizzx   16 days ago  

What a perfect frame with so nice thin and rounded arms to minimalize air resistance and you degrade it by GPS module, that is sin :) please put GPS on middle part of the frame or on top of camera!!!

Zakre256   16 days ago 

you have a point! I believe I'll move it to the top of the camera. the middle part of the frame is too sexy to cover up! lol

IcarusIX   19 days ago  

this frame is so interesting and i love the use of alu for the arms, it looks really reassuring. ive been curious about that cam position, how would you say it feels 'crisper' or what oher differences are there to flight feel? im trying a similarish cam position in a frame soon to find out lol:

Zakre256   19 days ago 

I feel like you have a better feel for your proximity to the surroundings of the quad. it makes turns and flips more precise I feel like. that frame is neat looking I bet that's light as hell.

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