screamer 2306 2500kv 5s

By kwadkenstine on Jun 20, 2019

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I actually cried today when my dear old dad handed me the digital microscope dvr .
I have poor eyesight and struggle with inspecting the boards and even reading the silk screening .
this thing is awesome and cheep .
I will also post how i make my own corrective lenses for goggles when my new skyzones show if anyone is interested
No 5s pax yet.
Crashed and broke a shaft.
The consistant granular nature of the fracture face indicates instentacious catastraufic stress failure.
No indication of prior cracking or fatigue stresses.
Hardness measurement and metalurgical analisys is beyond my resources also the scope is not strong enough to detremine the grain structure of the fractured surface .but the distortion of the shaft where in contact with the bearing shell indicates some form of heat treatment to reduce the brittleness of the carbon steel shaft (grade if alloy unknown but is highly magnetic)



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cptandy   Jul 16, 2019  

the flaming skull is such a nice addition

Onworp   Jun 20, 2019  

Check for shorts, your camera appears to be on fire.

kwadkenstine   Jun 20, 2019 

Just checked , nope not wearing any

Steinkopf   Jun 23, 2019 

Put some on or your drone will bite you on your ass

kwadkenstine   Jun 23, 2019 

I already been bit

IcarusIX   Jun 20, 2019  

this build looks like so much effort and it looks to have turned out awesome! love the face too
edit, lol, didnt realise this was quadkenstein, shame about the eyesight, how is it in fpv?

kwadkenstine   Jun 20, 2019 

Dificult and it doesnt help that i am verry lightly boned and my scull is on the small side of normal making wearing goggles dificult. i will be doing a post on my custom faceplate and lenses.
Cheers for all the likes etc

IcarusIX   Jun 21, 2019 

looking forward to that post on custom facestuff, i imagine a bunch others would do

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