IFlight IX4 "Little Red"

By Krazy Kwads on May 28, 2019

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Our Krazy little 4s, 4" monster!! Probably one of the smoothest and quietest kwads I've flown with plenty of power and VTX range to totally rips some bandos!
Can be ordred here,



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Fred fpv   Dec 30, 2019  

pretty nice built. what is the weight?

Haentz   Aug 13, 2019  

You seem to have a similar problem I have with this frame. I cant tilt the camera up a lot, since there is not enough room between the back of the camera plug and the stack. Very annoying…

kwadkenstine   Aug 13, 2019 

can you flip the image in the camera software , if so put the camera in upside down.

Haentz   Aug 13, 2019 

Very good tip! Unfortunately the Caddx Ratel I used in this build can only mirror, not flip upside down. Again… Super annoying ;) You are right though, I will probably switch it for another cam…

croeitus   Jun 05, 2019  

have you tried the 4x4.3x3 v1s props? i find that size motor responds a lot better with them than 4052's.

Krazy Kwads   Jun 06, 2019 

I have not, to be honest, these were the props we had at the time and they were smooth out of the bag so I didn't think to change it, but now I have to lol. Been going more towards lower pitch, freestyle props now, will definitely gives those a try! Thanks for the suggestion!

croeitus   Jun 07, 2019 

Good luck! fyi, the v1s work great but there's also a few new 4" props recently made. I'll be testing them in a few days, i've recently had the urge to experiment with 4" again :D

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