Flight Club Bangkok: Pure Quality

By Quadzimoto on May 28, 2019

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One of the easiest builds I've done as far as space, placement options, and accessibility. Big fan of the VTX mounting plate. I love the xt60 TPU mount, its always annoying figuring out how you want the lipo/xt60 to strap in and this makes it clean and simple. The butter mount screw isolation is a nice touch and keeps the jello away. Mike at Flightclub puts some serious thought into his frames and the included hardware, which is noticed and appreciated.

I gotta say, I'm all about the looks. Its sharp. I've never cleaned any of my rigs after daily flying but I can't stand to see this gentle prince get too dirty. I do wish they had some other color options available though.

It's pretty light coming in around 574g AUW with a 1300mah 4s/Hero 5 Session (I'm sure I could shave off more) and flies beautifully.
I've been in bench/tuning/testing mode the last few months. I upgraded four old rigs and built a couple of new ones - I love all of them, but this one wins.



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kwadkenstine   May 29, 2019  

yesss oh yess this frame !!!
thankyou for posting this

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