budget basher scrap build

By Rampage Quads on Jun 03, 2019

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Earlier this year I made some bashers, this is my remix clone build. This was a total scrap build from parts that I had laying around, honestly didn't think it would fly this good lol.

For the base I used a remix clone frame from BG that I got for free from Kevin for building his Stingy build.
What I love about this frame is the center weight and true X shape. It's super steady, almost floaty but handles great. It was perfect to get used to the weight of a 5" again while switching from flying 3" daily. Did drill some 20x20 holes for the stack since it didn't support micro stacks.

With budget basher in mind the 2205 2500kv from sunnysky looked like a great choice on a cheap basher, they fly way better then I ever thought was possible. Responsive enough for freestyle but they do miss that extra pop at the end. The biggest plus is flight time, they are so gentle on the lipos that I can easily cruise 10 minutes or freestyle for 5/6 minutes.

For the stack I went for a full HGLRC F440 that I had laying around, it's really basic but good enough for a basher, after all it is a scrap build.

For the cam I went with Foxeer again, had a Falkor laying around for backup that I got from Foxeer for my next build, love the Falkor it's my personal go-to cam. Did need to create some brackets since the frame only fits mini and this is a micro.

Used a TBS Triumph, it's kinda hufterproof and has great range, normally I don't use these anymore since lollipops are half the price and have just as good range. Antennas die on me on a regular base so am totally done with the expensive ones since I fly out of the comfort zone to grow as much as I can.

For the RX I used my go-to the R-XSR, it's nice and small plus has telemetry. just love these and they never let me down.



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HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 03, 2019  

Probably the nicest "scrap build" you'll ever see...

Rampage Quads   Jun 04, 2019 

thanks alot, really appreciated ❤, I don't post all my builds but believe that this one is definitely worth it. I've build less interesting quads with all new parts 👌. Think this is a great example that a quad doesn't have to cost alot.

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