By HK-AERIAL VTOL on Jun 03, 2019

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I thought the 6" was where I would see the most impressive speeds from the QuadStarDrones ARX-R design, but it seems the 5" is where the sweet spot lies. The 6" has been "an education" to tune, but the 5" feels more locked in to me than any other quad I've flown to date.... ON STOCK BF 3.5.7 PIDS! I have only taken this one out 3 times, but I can see that getting near 200MPH will be no problem with these HyperLite 2207's. I spoke with the folks at PyroDrone, and along with the advice that Ryan (from QSD) gives on his blog (specifically that what you need for top speed is RPMs) they steered me to these 2207 2722KV's. I love them. I can't wait to see how they perform on "normal" frames. They have that punch of my HV's but they feel LITE! The Aikon F42020 is what I thought I was buying...instead it was the F4 mini Aikon that I ordered. It is fine and performs well (I haven't fallen out of the air, so...). The ESC is the AK32PIN, and that is what I ordered and the more important part to me between these two components because I'm running 4 or 5S (Venom power is the illest). I just got some (HQ) V1S for an older quad of mine, and they perform so well on that rig and my 7" Ti LR that I decided to try them on this one. I got some also for my 6" (ARX-R) and have yet to take it out on them. The HQ Props are crazy amazing. They really are in a class by themself oftentimes. I'm not gonna point other companies out, but many could learn a lot from HQ. I'm betting my "great stock tune" is more likely "great propellers". What is it like to fly? Well I'll say this: imagine driving a car with power steering, and then trying to drive a car without power steering AND three-on-the-tree. The ARX feels "free like a bird". Once you go back to "normal" frames you can feel the stiffness and how they are very "in place" and limited to their angles of attack. My ARX feels like you are very at your whimsy to make any sudden movement. This is all kinda unbelieveable because it... is... FAST!
Thanks to the folks at PyroDrone. It is hard to believe they would answer a "can you suggest a motor to me?" question, but they do not ever seem to mind taking care of the customer before and after the sale. There is a reason this is my 3rd quad built in 2 months with Hyperlites. That company and their products... I love 'em!
Finally, mad props out to Ryan Lademann at QuadStarDrones for coming up with a killer design and having the set to produce and sell it. Ryan's a great cat with super communication, and his product is sheer genius. We all know the camera angle being nearly 90 degrees increases your capability for speed, but arranging that in a package safe enough to fly AND land is difficult. You sir are a real credit to our craft and I for one sir, salute you.



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QuadStar Drones   12 days ago  

If you're going for pure speed, you can't beat the APC 5045 bullnose or the APC 5260. Nobody believes me til they try them. I would lean more towards the 5045 with that high kv motor, but you might as well try both, right?

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HK-AERIAL VTOL   2 days ago 

I'm about to stock up now that I've seen the difference. I sent them an email for a suggestion in a 6" (something like the 5260?). I'm going to try some of their 3 blade too.

ThumbzFPV   17 hours ago 

The 6" tri-blade is amazing. I cruise at around 60-70mph at 35%-40% throttle on theose 6042 tri-blades

HK-AERIAL VTOL   15 hours ago 

OK... I got those and the 6043 and 6045 2 blades. I got the 5150's you told me to get before and some 4040 (for my Gecko) and 5040 tri's just to experiment with.

MANI FPV   13 days ago  

Cool build! I hope your instinct on touching 200mph is correct, lets wait for the data.
Can you point me to the link where Ryan specifically writes that upping RPM is the key? Cheers.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   12 days ago 

Sure thing bud. He says it here: https://quadstardrones.com/portfolio-xlr-1/ . What he says is:

Less drag = more speed (less force needed to push through air)
More speed = props less loaded (blog on prop unloading is here)
Less loaded prop = less torque needed to spin props
Less torque = more RPM
More RPM = more speed
Steps 2-5 repeat seamlessly up to the “terminal drag” point

... I've read Ryan's blogs front to back a few times.

ThumbzFPV   13 days ago  

Try the APC 5x3.7x3 props. By far my favorite 5" props for anything but racing. I race my ARX on HQ 5x3.6x3 just because the durability is nuts.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   13 days ago 

Where do I get those?

HK-AERIAL VTOL   13 days ago 

Thank you kind sir! I will tell you what I think when I get 'em in the air.

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