By kwadkenstine on Jun 04, 2019

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Flown it a few times today .
Needs a tune . working on that . i will share when im hapy with how it flies.
Verry windy here this time of year but the golden hour is usually sweet.
Its hard to know where to start tuning with 4.xx . It seemed much happier on 6s than 4.
Untill it threw a prop and crashed.
Also i need better props. they are in the post stilllll.
Update. New Props
Uhhh Huston (beep crackle crackle buzz click) We have a problem. see photo.
This may need a new approach.
New cheap and nasty frame time.



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Rc Exp   Jun 30, 2019  

I don't know why you build quads this way but it's certainly more economic to buy quality parts less often so you an have reliable and npon-sketchy machines which are easy to mantain, probably way more durable and even if it's because you like experimenting with quad geometry or concepts just learn cad and have your pieces manufactured which will be way better and cheaper in the long term. Just ugh these quads bother me on a deep level.

kwadkenstine   Jun 30, 2019 

All cool man I understand your point of view .
No one is forcing you to look at my posts.
I could critisise some for not having an imagination or sense of humour.
But i keep my mouth shut.
EDIT . It was late and i missunderstand.
Sorry for being turse

Rc Exp   Jun 30, 2019 

Nah man, your quads are fucking creative and a great use of resources. But the potential. You could make KILLER quads tho

kwadkenstine   Jun 30, 2019 

Im old and set in my ways, i see the potential in cad . used it years ago and if i was younger and hungrier i would seriously consider being more profesional. but at the moment im just having a bit of fun.
I apolijise if my previous reply was a bit pointy

IcarusIX   Jun 04, 2019  

Nice, was about to comment about props but read the line, so whats the dry/auw?

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kwadkenstine   Jun 04, 2019 

812g no battery

kwadkenstine   Jun 04, 2019 

what props would you try given 5010 750kv 6s2200mha . these oldschool gravity adding devices are shocking.

IcarusIX   Jun 20, 2019 

was caught up, sorry for the delay,for hovering around or light cruising? well balanced carbon props are a good idea, but I dont have other informed recommendations lol though acrobatic props are hard to think of for this kinda motor

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