By kwadkenstine on Jun 08, 2019

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Common sence and basic math tell me that what i have built is almoste pointless.
This is because i have added almost as much mass as power.so to speak.
The final figures i predict this craft will have only marginal increase in power to weight .
So why bother , I just wanted to see if i could make it work and the math does not tell the whole story.
Does it fly diferently from the standard sub 650g acro quad.
8 motors.
8 esc.( 4 individual and 1 4 in 1 )
1 f4 fc pdb.
1 vtx.
1 cam.
1 rec.
2 frames.
WTF was i thinking.
Esc config. running 2 esc off 1 signal .
1 connect and config the 4 in 1 .
2 tap the signal wires to the individual esc sssss.
3 disconnect the 4in 1 at the signal plug.
4 connect and config the singal escs.
5 plug in the 4 in 1 and test in bf .
It has just rained here for the first time in 9 months and i want to fly
wednesday 21 2019 3.30 pm . 166kph in an instant.
Sounds terrifying no prop wash , feels heavy and like you just want to hit the throttle and throw it around .
I felt like a little kid swinging a big stick. Glorious and terrifying all at the same time.
Also i clipped a bushy branch and spun off 2 props and still flew home , down on power but i could not tell i was missing props.
ill be building a 7 or 8 inch rig for long distance and will be using this config.
Now all i need is to choose a long range setup.



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kwadkenstine   Aug 17, 2019  

I finally got the balls to test fly this thing .
Its freaking fast . I was wrong.
I will fit a gps today and get some screenshots posted

IcarusIX   Jun 20, 2019  

we need an update on this when you fly it, the reliability of your mashed escs will be super interesting too

Jodie Froster   Jun 08, 2019  

How does she fly? Does it do weird stuff when you yaw? I want you to put braces to hold the arms apart so your esc's dont get crushed, and I want you to ditch the 2nd top plate (why is it there? is it just thematic, or is it structural?).

kwadkenstine   Jun 08, 2019 

Hi The top plate is structural and a handy place to put the battery strap..
Im also looking for some rubber balls to jam inbetween the motors for anti crush and vibe dampening.
and seeing as you look so carefully can you spot the mistake.
would have flown it before posting but tis raining here for the first time in 9 months.

Jodie Froster   Jun 09, 2019 

The #4 motor propellar on the bottom set (betaflight style) is reversed

kwadkenstine   Jun 09, 2019 


fovea   Jun 08, 2019  

nice! dvr and impressions please :-D

kwadkenstine   Jun 08, 2019 

Ill try but our upload speed is like dialup 6 hours for 6 min.
Oh Yeah nice score on bardwells live stream

Jodie Froster   Jun 08, 2019  

Also: i've been trolling around on this site for 2 1/2yrs+ and you are only the 2nd person to post an 8 motor build like that (over and under).

TheMrJahn   Jun 08, 2019  

I think that it would be better to use fc that have eight motor outputs.

kwadkenstine   Jun 08, 2019 

Yes you are probably right but i dont have one

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