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By kwadkenstine on Jul 10, 2019

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For those with pointy heads.
Luckily for me my new goggles are a close fit and i could just put up with the minor discomfort .
But why.
A lot of what attracts me to this hobby is it is truly customisable .
So into it we go.
2 stages.
1 make the mold .
Materials , large freezer bags , plaster of parice.
place 2-3 cups of plaster in double layer plastic bag and add enough water to make a stif putty in the bag.
tie it off loosley find a comfy spot sit down head back and place bag of goo on your face.
massage into place and weight till it hardens. dont do this with kids arround , the little shits know when your helpless..
Now you should have a female mold of your eyes nose and forehead all the way to your tempels..
Next , make another bag of goo and sit it in the first mold to make a male mold. when set they should seperate easily .
and you have a male and female casting.
2 the mask
Im using a carbon fiber kevlar twill . Very hard to cut when in raw state so i put tape on each side of the cloth and cut through tape and cloth.
It helps keep it together. Helps to have good sharp scissors.
Fiberglass is easier and cheeper .
Fiberglass resin and some ascetone for the clean up.
Disposable paintbrush and popsticks.
cut the cloth to shape before mixing the resin.
Liberly coat the inside of the mold and lay the fabric in and paint on resin untill saturaited .
make sure the fabric is in the spot and evenly spread out.
Place the face part in the mold and squidge down till seated and resin ooses out.
more resin can be added later.
Now set aside untill hard.
Ok stuffed up the position of the first one so i laid up another with a patch of fiberglass to bulk it out a bit.
Next is to trim and sand it enough to make sure it fits.
Once happy cut out the eye holes and trim down to a nice small mask Green lantern or bat man, cat woman style.Sand off the nasty bits and clear coat. Some nice soft felt or fleecy material lightly glued inside . try on for comfort check , Dont forget its on and go do banking.
The rest is up to you.
I have not found it necessary to fix the mask to the goggles just add a little extra foam to stop light leak and because none of the goggles actually touch your face its 100% comfey.
Also means i dont have to share zits with anyone whom loans me their goggles ( face condom.):



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JasonFPV0   Jul 19, 2019  

That is a really neat idea.

zdkroot   Jul 12, 2019  

Nice work man! Paired with the googles I think it actually makes them look cooler - outside the googles it is the stuff of nightmares haha. I'm curious if venting holes would make it more or less comfortable.

daich   Jul 12, 2019  

wow! this is cool! kinda sweaty in the summer i'd imagine

kwadkenstine   Jul 12, 2019 

keep it in the cooler between flights Ha Ha

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 12, 2019  

Yeah I dig it... I could definintely use a little more comfort from my goggles. I was thinking I needed a new surround, but maybe I would prefer something a little more in this direction. Thanks for the share.

Jodie Froster   Jul 12, 2019  

Love it!!!!

lorentz   Jul 11, 2019  

perfect for polar

kwadkenstine   Jul 11, 2019 


Ely   Jul 10, 2019  

this kinda scares me

kwadkenstine   Jul 11, 2019 

Not my intention to scare. hope you can se the pos side.

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