90mm Aurora diy 20x20 racercube build

By mwhalen on Feb 01, 2017

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AncientJ   Feb 16, 2017  

How are those DYS 2030s doing on the 1103 motors? I have seen some comments that the center hole is too large for a press fit on this motor shaft.

mwhalen   Feb 16, 2017 

yeah they were popping off all the time, but i ran a couple of strands of thread through the hole before putting them on and they are pretty sturdy now, also the holes either side are (i think) m2.5 which i dont have any of, ive got some of the eachine ones on order http://www.banggood.com/5-Pairs-Eachine-2035-4-Blade-Propellers-ABS-For-Eachine-Aurora-90-100-Mini-FPV-Racer-p-1122901.html?p=L118159844732014128S ill update when they arrive (i might just use the supplied screws on the dys ones though as they are super cheap at the moment)

Whiffles   Jan 10, 2017  

Put this together yet? Looks like an interesting frame.

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mwhalen   Feb 02, 2017 

Im using the blue 1103 and waiting on the 850s to arrive test flying on 20c 850 and 1000s it very quick and responsive....thanks for the heads up about the instructable :)

moewensohn   Feb 02, 2017 

Cool, I thought these batteries would be way too heavy :D

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