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By TaterrsFPV on Jun 09, 2019

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Thanks goes to Dave_C_FPV for the canopy on Thinkeverse Great design and easy to print. Motors might be alittle over kill hope to get some good flight times. Neat little build, and didnt take long to throw her together. Thanks for checking out and Happy Flying Folks!!!



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HoHo   Jul 05, 2019  

Awesome build! whats the weight on it? Looking to build something with a 16x16 how tall is that screws to the canopy?

TaterrsFPV   Jul 05, 2019 

Sorry I dont have a scale to weight, but the 16x16 stacks are nice and the screw length is 25mm.

fasttorwa   Jun 19, 2019  

I'm using the Prusa i3 MK3 with the extruder it comes with. Not sure what the exact name is.

TaterrsFPV   Jun 19, 2019 

Super nice printer maybe one day :)

Dave_C FPV   Jun 10, 2019  

Super clean print 👍🏻Sainsmart TPU?

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TaterrsFPV   Jun 18, 2019 

What Extruder are you using?? Print looks great!!
Im using this one and have had great results. Just need to take some time out and get my glass bed setup lol

Nikotttin   Jun 19, 2019 

It turns out I have no access to a printer nor to a service printing in TPU... but I've found an alternative!
For those who have no printer, you can also buy this canopy from taco-rc. The TPU and the quality of the print of the very same canopy look good...

TaterrsFPV   Jun 19, 2019 

Good find Nikotttin!!

bootbox   Jun 12, 2019  

Nice build! I need to do one of these with the 16x16 stack soon. I love the stilts for the canopy!

TaterrsFPV   Jun 12, 2019 

Thank you Bootbox! Yeah its a very efficient little build.

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