2-3S Micro Raven

By The Van on Jun 12, 2019

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What can I say? It's a micro Raven.

This build uses the GepRC 12a board, 1103 8022kv Hyperlites with a unify nano & crossfire nano mounted in a single layer just behind the camera - an FXT T81 (or T80?.. the one without the connector). It feels wild having this much power & range in such a small & quiet package. All up weight is about 68g with a MiniStar 350mah 2S, 74g with a GNB 520mah 2S. Can cruise for over 7 minutes or fly aggressively for about 4.



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duke1981   13 days ago  

What frame is it?

Thain   Jun 19, 2019  

What frame is it I really like how it looks
is it durable?

dummel   Jun 14, 2019  

what is the link to the frame and canopy?

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 13, 2019  

Do the props for the toothpicks come off those spindles easily? I want to try them, but I prefer bell top bolt holes.

The Van   Jun 13, 2019 

They don't come off in flight at all. I wouldn't say they're super hard to remove but it takes some effort, maybe one of those prop removal tools would be nice. I just grip the bell and twist the prop off though :)

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 13, 2019 

Huh... it's the only reason I haven't built a micro with those. Fortunately I haven't ordered the motors for the new little guy I'm setting up. I was thinking T-Motor\Racerstar collab micros, R6 Returners (I have some already. Totally worth 20 per corner.), or T-Motor F15, but I REALLY would rather have PyroDrone. I like them. They are good people and the 3 builds I have with their stuff all kick @ss! I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and order 'em!

FilUP   Jun 13, 2019  

Amazing little build. What crossfire antenna is that and how did you mount it?

The Van   Jun 13, 2019 

Thanks m8! It's the stock dipole, used to come with the nano RX (non special edition). It's mounted pretty much as shown, except it's slipped underneath the little white brace on the bottom. Right now the ends are hanging loose but I might attach a ziptie or something so they stay straight.

Dave_C FPV   Jun 13, 2019  

So cute and clean! Love it

bootbox   Jun 12, 2019  

Super clean build! Are those red FC gummies 3D printed? If so do you have a link to the .stl? Also curious about the frame, is that going to be for sale?

The Van   Jun 12, 2019 

Thanks! Nah, the gummies are what came with the GepRC board. I'm sure a printable option would work though, maybe with ninjaflex to match the dampening qualities. I think yes, despite there already being a ton of similar frames entering the market - it's a solid micro companion to the full sized Raven so I will be selling them around the same time Seagull pre-orders start :)

bootbox   Jun 12, 2019 

Awesome, thank you!

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