2s 3s 1102 kk76mm

By matthew saigon on Jun 15, 2019

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i just put this up in case someone finds it interesting and want to give it a try.

use whoop board to look better. weight is important, don't add more weight to it.
use 16awg wires for pigtail and battery lead if you want more power for power loops.(tattu 3s 450mah or talon nfg 3s 450mah)

41g dry. frame 6g, 1102 with 1mm shaft.
betaflight 4.0.3
copy and paste betaflight community presets ( https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/wiki/Community-Presets)
TPA: 0.40, 1500
"Clip", not scale, 60% for testing ( don't know if you want it more, because those motors are 1102 9000kv on 3s ), 6000kv-7500kv would be better.

whoop board setup: i lowered P gain to R: 25, P: 28, TPA: 0.80, 1500

6/23/2019: 6 minutes of boring flight. don't watch. you can fly a lot better than that :) i can go on for another minute if i want to.

first flight. i still need to get used to it. it has good acceleration. analyze how fast ( or slow ) it is. and decide if you want to try it :)

for 2s, same build. for those who want 2s. 27g 2s 450mah-525mah batteries.
betaflight 4.0.3
copy and paste betaflight community presets ( https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/wiki/Community-Presets)
R: 55, 78, 37 ff:70
P: 55, 85, 40 ff:70
Y: 35, 100, 0 ff:0
throttle limit: "clip", 90 ( it should be ok with 100% throttle, i just don't like 100% in any setups :)
TPA: 0.80, 1700

here is 2s flight. nothing interesting, but just to show how it flies.



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fovea   Jun 17, 2019  

nice! sound :-)
looks its enough powered. how is it on a tiny track, technical track nimble turns, precision flight? if you could make a video in this direction, would be very nice.

matthew saigon   Jun 17, 2019 

1103 are a better fit for these props. but no one would buy those old kingkong 1103 with 1mm shaft.
so, this 1102 setup is a second best build for those props.
the focus of this setup is something really light but have good speed to enjoy in wide open space. of course, with small motors you have to give up something for more speed and that is the low end control. but then it fits where i'm flying, in a park and wide open space.
i don't fly well, so it's hard for me to show how it flies. i hope someone would make this build and leave a link here to their builds or videos. so people can have a better idea. for example, one of the build i put up, 2s 1103 hq3x3x2. watch the videos on that page and compare those to this ( flight at end of the video and this is not my video) :)

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