Sanchez 3in 4S (Toothpick Style)

By QuadMcFly on Jun 16, 2019

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I saw some photos of the Sanchez floating around social media, so I went and nabbed the files from Thingiverse and decided to give it a build since I had almost everything I needed on hand. Build came together pretty well! It's amazing how good these tiny things have gotten. I cut the frame from 3mm rather than 2mm, since I intended this to be a 4S build instead of 3S like it was intended. Frame came out only 3g heavier than 2mm, so it worked out pretty well. I custom cut an adapter plate from 0.8mm G10 as well to fit my 20x20 camera mount on it. Little bugger is super light for a 4S build. only 140g with a 4S 650mAh and gets over 7 minutes of flight time easy to 3.7v per cell resting. I ordered some 450mAh packs to lighten it up even further and should still have plenty of flight time. I even tried flying it on an 850mAh and got 12 minutes + of flight time, just felt like a brick. Can't wait to see how it rips on the lighter packs. Also got some 3025 Gemfan props on the way, which should be an improvement over these super fragile 3020T I had laying around. Overall though, this is the most fun I've had flying in quite a while! Being able to fly anywhere is awesome, and it doesn't seem to sacrifice the handling to the degree of previous generations of smaller drones. Super fun build!

Here's a quick pack testing it on the 650mAh 4S pack:



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QU|(K_F0X   Jun 20, 2019  

sweet setup, may end up building something similar....

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 18, 2019  

Whoops. I see. Ummm. NM.

QuadMcFly   Jun 18, 2019 

haha yeah not your average 3"! It's honestly amazing what yiu can do with under 150g these days!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 18, 2019  

Might I suggest some HQ 3x4x3 V1S? They have that typical great HQ V1S feel.

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