Foss F7 "first own built"

By SaschaFPV on Jun 18, 2019

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time of planing: some month
time of built: 6 hours
time of programming: few days


Part List


HSKRC Foss 210 210mm Wheelbase 4mm Arm 3K Carbon Fiber 5 Inch FPV Racing Frame Kit for RC Drone (5 builds)

Flight Controller

Holybro Kakute F7 STM32F745 Flight Controller W/ OSD Barometer for RC Drone (3 builds)


Holybro Tekko32 35A 3-6S Blheli 32 4 In 1 Brushless ESC support Telemetry for FPV Racing 30.5x30.5mm (103 builds)


4 x AMAXinno 2305 2350/2550KV 2-6S CW Thread Brushless Motor for RC Drone FPV Racing (3 builds)


6 Pairs DALPROP CYCLONE T5047C 5047 5x4.7x3 3-blade POPO Propeller CW CCW for RC Drone FPV Racing (3 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Turbo Micro SDR2 Plus Race Version 1000TVL Super WDR OSD Low Latency Switched Mini FPV Camera (4 builds)

FPV Transmitter

30.5x30.5mm Holybro Atlatl HV V2 5.8G 40CH 25/200/500/800mW FPV Transmitter Built-in Microphone (16 builds)


Aomway MINI-2.5 5600-5950MHz 5.8GHz 2.5dBi SMA/RP-SMA RHCP Mini FPV Antenna For FPV Racing Drone (2 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano RX Empfänger (2 builds)


TATTU 1550mAh 14.8V 75C 4S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT60 Plug (6 builds)


FrSky Taranis X9D Plus 2019 ACCESS w/ EVA Case - Silver (11 builds)


Fat Shark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles (57 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro Session (59 builds)


M3 Knurled Standoff (1PC) - Choose Your Color & Size (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35mm)Light Blue / 25mm (41 builds)

Misc Parts

5 PCS URUAV KEV LAR 20x200mm Lipo Battery Tie Down Strap for RC Drone FPV Racing

Video Receiver

Furious True-D V3.5 Diversity Receiver System Firmware 3.8A (FatShark Attitude Version)SKU: FPV-RX-TRUD3.8A (27 builds)

Radio Module

TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2 (116 builds)
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Ely   Jun 18, 2019  

that 17 dollar frame is not going protect 200 dollars worth of electronics. get a real floss! they are already cheap enough and should be a lot better than clones

SaschaFPV   Jun 20, 2019 

yes i want order some other frame sometime but i want a lightweight Frame, maybe some different and not Floss style

SpikeDiesel   Jul 14, 2019 

I thought lightweight was the way to go in the beginning also, I learned too light breaks easy, and isn't easy to control, throttle pushes up into trees above, heavier freestyle frames fly MUCH SMOOTHER

IcarusIX   Jun 20, 2019  

nice build but when cheaping out, cheaping out on a skinny frame is more of a risk whearas you can get away with cheaping a chunky frame but quality is more important for skinny. but who cares, rebuild when it dies amirite?

SaschaFPV   Jun 21, 2019 

i thing its the best choice and if the frame is broken i will rebuilt it whit a better freestyle frame

IcarusIX   Jun 21, 2019 

some may say it wouldve been better to start woth the freestyle frame but experiencing the skinny one is a good idea too. hopefully it lasts

Jodie Froster   Jun 19, 2019  

So... what's the motor soft mount pad (under your top plate screw) in the back about?

SaschaFPV   Jun 20, 2019 

there is no mount or anything else (i think you mean the holder arm of the 5,8ghz antenna)

Jodie Froster   Jun 20, 2019 

Under the screw in the back of the top plate, it's a + shaped object, with 4 screw holes, and some text on it. If i'm not mistaken it's a soft mount for a 22xx size motor. It sais: Sasha Hegemann, and there is an address under that. Is it just a return address printed on a motor soft mount? Like a tag on a dog collar in case you lose it, and someone finds it? So they can return it to you?

SaschaFPV   Jun 21, 2019 

aaahh ok this you mean
in Germany every Quad needs a plate whit the kontakt to the owner
this plaze is for the Motor but it dont fits there thats why i built it on top
it has no soft mounting funktion

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