3S Kabab Toothpick

By BigD-FPV on Jun 19, 2019

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Igi87   Sep 09, 2019  

Love the canopy bro! really really nice build!

Jodie Froster   Jun 19, 2019  

That mohawk canopy is eXXXtreme!!!

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Jodie Froster   Aug 22, 2019 

I don't really upload many of my flights, but I did make an edit a little while ago that i'm proud of
have a look!

sal.mars44K.C.   Aug 29, 2019 

hey, i liked the video,  thats pretty rad...!!

sal.mars44K.C.   Aug 29, 2019 

Is there away we can talk beside this way?

thehomeless1   Jun 21, 2019  

nice build I especially like the mohawk  canopy. its gotta be the most creative canopy I have seen, simply awsome!!! Is that a creation of your own design? also reading the parts list you have the hglrc flame 7500kv listed but the motors in the pictures look to be different from the flame motors .under the bell is open on the hglrc flame motors that I have anyways. I looks like you might have confused them for the eachine 8000kv motors or maybe you just changed them after you took the pictures on your final build.  ethier way it's a sweet build and it should be extra fast with ethier set as there 1104s.

Droneless_fpv   Jun 21, 2019 

yh the motors pictured are the Eachine 1104 6000kv, like the ones found on the lizard 95. Decent motors, ive used them on my "TOOTHACHE" build

BigD-FPV   Jun 22, 2019 

Droneless_FPV is right, they are Eachine 1104 6000kv, I had both brands laying around, thought I grabbed the hglrc's. I edited my description with the correct motors. Thanks for spotting it.

alwaysbless   Jun 21, 2019  

Upgrade the props man. Limiting yourself big time on 3s and with the bigger motors using those tiny bi blades. Love the canopy btw!

BigD-FPV   Jun 22, 2019 

I've been flying it on 2s and its so fast i cant control it yet lol  these props are fine for now, i need to get control of this thing first lol  thanks! 👍

BigD-FPV   Jun 22, 2019 

i'm also getting over 5 minutes flight time with these props. Just using it for backyard fun.

UpMostBeast FPV   Jun 20, 2019  

whats the dry weight?

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