Diatone 2018 GT-M5 Rebuild

By HK-AERIAL VTOL on Jun 23, 2019

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I bult this second GT-M5 following the success of my X-Foot Eco version. Those motors took forever to get here from Holland, and so I opted to try out the 2207 offering from T-Motor. I always wanted to get a second set of X-Foot's and now that they are closed I can't... that sucks. The F60 Pro II is faster than its subsequent itertion by a measureable amount. The III is smoother, but on HQ V1S the II is plenty smooth for its maniac thrust output. As usual with the F40/60 II series, the power consumption is fairly dislikable. I make flights of all lengths, and so the short 4 minute rip is okay IMO. The crash that took this birds first life consumed the left rear motor and the F405 Matek it was originally built with. The F722 replacement makes this quad feel brand new and much, much crisper in the air. When I hit the ground I saw the OSD g-force spike to almost 20, and so I am guessing that is too much to expect the electronics to make it through.

The VTX\capacitor sled is the same I used on my 3" version of this frame, and so my work chum "Dookie" gets a requisite mention for design and print work. With the WaFL Cap Cap PCB, it is like it should have always been (I should note: I didn't experience any real noise related interferance or gyro effects and so this capacitor might be mostly cosmetic at this point, but I made this quad with it, and I'm going to have it on there).



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Jodie Froster   26 days ago  

How often do you break your sma connector off your vtx with it exposed like that? Every good crash that you land on the top?

HK-AERIAL VTOL   26 days ago 

... actually?. That is the same VTX I had when l almost destroyed the rest of the quad. It really held up like a champion.

Jodie Froster   26 days ago 

Well that is suprising, and awesome!
Sorry your rig got destroyed :(

HK-AERIAL VTOL   26 days ago 

Well, TBF, I lost a motor, the FC. The Diatone GT has 6MM arms (when I first saw them I ordered the 2nd one... you know they'll never break). I did want to spring for another XM+, since I had later figured out that you can stack that on a Matek FC (I have only ever known one other quad builder/pilot IRL and F that dude). The rebuild gave me a good chance to go back over some places with flux/heat (again... didn't know about flux when I built this last year) and re-situate the wiring for the capacitor with a WaFL Cap Cap. This was a "if it doen't kill you it makes you stronger" journey, but all the same I would have rather not crashed it as that gets hard on the wallet. Such is our passion I guess.

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