Sanchez 16x16 - 56g 3"

By Dave_C FPV on Jun 24, 2019

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This is the third build of my Sanchez 3" Ultralight frame after those versions with DYS 1404 6000kV motors on 3S coming in at 86g for the HD version and 75g for the non-HD. Going for the relatively big 1304 or 1404 motors was a recommendation by the Toothpick inventor Kabab FPV himself and the result was ridiculously fast for its size! Not surprising since those builds were 4x8.5g motors on a 7.5g frame. I have DVR footage in my Youtube Video and you can see that the 1404 make the small batteries beg for mercy after a few punch outs.
While the insanity of the big motors was fun I was wondering whether some lighter motors could be a bit more balanced and less LiPo wrecking. 1103 motors are on option but I was a bit sceptical of those big 3" props on such a tiny stator so I went for the T-Motor F10 7500kV 1104.
To save some more weight I used a 16x16 iFlight stack with minimalist cam mounts from the Calimero Frame. I'm fully aware that the component protection is pretty much zero but the top priority for this build was weight :-D
The good news: The end result came in at only 56g dry!
The bad news: I have no clue how it performs because the ESC decided to go up in flames during the first careful test hover. Bummer... But let's hope iFlight sends some replacement soon.

The frame open source and available on Thingiverse
Check Youtube and Insta for more of my FPV stuff



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benjo   23 days ago  

cleanest Sanchez i've ever seen

alwaysbless   26 days ago  

Really wish there more 16x16 frame options out there. Practically zero in the 2.5 to 3" class that offer a canopy for protection.

fovea   26 days ago 

sadly only low quality low price stuff on the market allreay

GameSofter   26 days ago  

What do you use for prop screws? Do they come with the motors or can I get some online somewhere?

HK-AERIAL VTOL   27 days ago  

Have you ever tried the Venom 3S 650? They are expensive for little guys ($20 USD), but wow... I love that battery. I run them on my R3 1106's, and those flights are extreme for a 2".

Dave_C FPV   26 days ago 

Sound good. I guess you get what you pay for haha. Thanks for the info!

fovea   27 days ago  

very nice beauty!
dvr please if it fly, hopfully soon.

Dave_C FPV   26 days ago 

Not sure if I will give the iFlight another try TBH. Seems I'm not the only one who got a surpirse firework :-D
Maybe I'll rebuild it with the GEPRC AIO

Wayno-san   27 days ago  

that stack is hit or miss. first the FC on mine failed while hooked up to PC, then the ESC board caught fire during initial test hover. iFlight wanted me to pay for "shipping" what it cost to buy a replacement locally. recommend avoiding unless you like to gamble or have deep pockets.

Jodie Froster   27 days ago  

Proportions look stellar

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