By kwadkenstine on Jun 25, 2019

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Prescription lenses for your goggles.
Fortunately goggle manufactures have made provision for adding corrective lenses to their product.
But thats about it.
So with sight issues as bad as mine i have no option . Propper lenses are a must .
2 options , purchase or produce.
Take 1 pair of old specs and cut up.
Sounds easy as.
It is.
The tip is that standard electrical tape is the same size as the factory diopters .
Put your old glasses on and place a strip of tape accros the glasses in line with where you look.
remove lens from frame wrap several layers of tape on both sides of the lens ,to protect it.
take a dremel and cut and trim untill it slides into the slots
do not forget to lable left right and whitch way is up..



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KryptoSteel24   Jun 27, 2019  

Diopter sets are only $15

KryptoSteel24   Jun 27, 2019 

are you intentionally a fucking asshole or is that just your personality ?

kwadkenstine   Jun 27, 2019 

The diopters you refer to are for those who are slightly short sited . tend to sit a bit closer to the tv than most.
Not for anyone with vission issues such as spherical distortion or any degree of long sitedness.
I posted this because i know the issues and with this aproach a good result is usually had.
Those whom rely on their glasses will get it

kwadkenstine   Jun 27, 2019 

Yes and yes

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